We ran again at PPPT (pregnancy/postpartum PT), and I was running with one of the postpartum Soldiers.  She had her baby via c-section SEVEN weeks ago, and she ran over a mile before she had to walk!  Crazy, I tell you.  We went 2 miles total.  On our way back, the sidewalk we were running on decided it didn’t like me running on it and pushed me off.  I fell and scraped my knee up pretty good.  It was bleeding, but not running down my leg, so I just went back to running.  But not on the sidewalk.  I cleaned it good with hydrogen peroxide (OUCH!!) and then put a big band-aid on it and finished getting ready for work.  At formation this morning, we found out we were having another 100% urinalysis.  Yay fun.  We just had one last week.   I ended up being one of the female observers, which require 3 extra trips down and up the stairs – not easy with my knee banged up.  But I managed.

We had a Hail & Farewell luncheon at Golden Corral for lunch again, and I got to ride with a couple of the other guys in the band that ride motorcycles.  Yes, I took the Harley to work today!!!  It was fun riding with them and lunch was ok.  It would have been better if we were done for the day after lunch.  But we had to go back for Chief’s ceremonial music rehearsal that didn’t happen yesterday morning.  It wasn’t very long, so that was good and then we did building clean ups and I took care of a few admin things before heading home.  Ryan left for the Legion a little while after I got home – he was helping cook dinner again tonight.  A little after 4 I went and picked up my race packet for tomorrow’s triathlon and then went and picked Robert up.  I took him to McDonald’s for dinner since he’s gotten green dots at school for 11 out of 13 days of school so far.  Green dots means that he didn’t have any behavior problems.  He got 2 yellow dots, but he said he won’t ever get a red dot.  After we ate, we went to the grocery store and got a cake ordered for his birthday party next Saturday and then went and drove the bike course for the race in the morning.  Then we got home and I finished up laundry.  Once it was Robert’s bedtime, I got him to bed and then stitched for a while.

I’m heading to bed now.  My alarm is set for 0400.

Today’s high:  91
Current:  82

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