Hummingbird Triathlon

This morning I was up at 0400 to get ready for the Hummingbird Triathlon.  I rode my bike the mile and a third to The Cove and got my transition area set up.  Then I went and got my race number marked on my arm.  I visited with a few friends and met some new ones.  I had a while to wait before my turn in the pool as I was in the 4th heat.  They started with the slowest swimmers first.  Ryan and Robert came to watch me, and Ryan was able to get my Garmin started right at the beginning of the swim so I was able to get all my splits.

800 Yard Swim – 15:49:  The water was the perfect temperature and they actually had a lap counter for each swimmer. Mine did really well, and got the orange square in the water in plenty of time for me to see it and know I was coming up on my last lap. I took almost a minute and a half off my swim time since last tri, and that’s with hardly any training. I had a bit of trouble getting out of the pool. It was a pretty high wall and no toe holds underwater. My counter helped me get out, so that was nice.

T1 – 4:25:  I took 30 seconds off T1 from my first tri last month, so that was good.  I still had a little bit of trouble getting into my bike shorts, but I was also trying to be careful of my knee (which, btw, didn’t hurt in the pool at all).  The bike racks were a bit close together and I had a little bit of trouble getting my bike out, even though I was right on the end.

13 Mile Bike – 1:05:39:  This was a very well-marked course. It wasn’t bad despite having to cross a little bit of road construction and then the steady uphill climb all the way back to the transition area. It was an out-and-back course, so with the hill, it was easy heading out, so that was nice.  Crossing intersections was a piece of cake with all the law enforcement officials they had out on the course. I thanked as many of them as I could for being out there.  I still need to work on my cycling more, and that will take time off.

T2 – 1:36: I took 30 seconds off this transition as well.  I think the hardest part was racking my bike.  The guy next to me must have just thrown his bike on the rack and I had to move it to make room for my bike.  I mean my transition towel and backpack and all my stuff were right there, obviously there was a bike there at one point as well.  A little bit of common courtesy goes a long way, even if you’re in a hurry cuz you’re in a race.

5K Run – 33:06: Great run! It was mostly flat, so that was nice after the bike ride. I only walked at the 2 water stops! I had a pretty steady pace for the most part. The sun came out about the second half and then it started getting really hot. The overcast-ness was nice while it lasted.  It was sort of an out-and-back course – it went out, made a loop at the end, and then back along the same way.  A police car that was sitting in a parking lot must have caught a speeder go by or something, because all of a sudden, he flipped his lights and siren on and nearly scared the crap out of me.  I wasn’t but maybe 10 feet past the driveway when he came flying out after a car.  Talk about an adrenaline rush! 

Total time – 2:00:37:  Overall, it was a really good race – TONS of volunteers and a great course other than the road construction in a few places on the bike route.  But they didn’t use timing chips, so without my Garmin, I wouldn’t have had any splits.  For as much as we paid for the race, you’d think they could have gotten timing chips and enough timing mats to get everyone’s splits.  But whatever.  It nice having my guys there to cheer for me!  And Robert got to play on the playground for a while while I was out on my bike.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing.  After we got home (we put my bike in the van and I rode home with my guys), Ryan headed out to Tombstone for a 40 & 8 event and I got a shower, breakfast, and a nap.  I slept for about an hour or so.  In the early evening, we went out to post and got our grocery shopping for the week taken care of at the Commissary.  Things are so much less expensive out there and we’re going to start being regulars there again instead of the grocery store in town.  When we got home, I got the groceries put away and then made dinner.  After dinner was cleaned up, I got some stitching done.

Today’s high:  88
Current:  72


3 thoughts on “Hummingbird Triathlon

  1. WTG Lani!! SO very proud of you for doing this tri-athalon. I really want to find a bike race (I can’t run because my knees are too damaged, but I can ride) that I can train for and do around here. Need to start looking for one maybe for the fall?

    Hugs and congrats on a job well done!

    Nancy :0)

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