Travel to New Mexico Day

This morning I slept in – until a whopping 0815.  LOL  We had breakfast and Ryan and I did computer stuff and then we got the van loaded and headed out.  We stopped at the Legion for a few minutes, and Ryan bought a really cool Legion Riders t-shirt.  Then we went on post to the Shoppette to get gas and then we were on our way.  We made a couple of stops along the way for potty, snacks, and to switch drivers.  I stitched while Ryan was driving and he napped while I drove.  It took a little over 4 1/2 hours to get to White Sands Missile Range, just north of Las Cruces.  We found where we needed to be and found a parking spot.  Then we waited in line for a little over an hour so I could do my "in-processing" for the Bataan Memorial Death March.  I got my bag with my commemorative dog tag, my race number, my timing chip, got the chip checked, got my participant’s certificate, and my t-shirt.  We looked at all the stuff for sale and then headed out of that room.  They had frames for $35 and they framed the certificate and the dog tag together, and we had that done with mine.  It looks really nice, and we’re going to start a running wall in our house – we already have our Army wall and our patriotic wall.  I need to find my finisher’s certificates and pictures from New York City and Phoenix, and we’re going to get them framed nicely also.

After we were done in-processing, we headed back to Las Cruces, stopping at K-Mart along the way.  I had set my GPS (phone type) to find a Walmart, but it found us a Sam’s Club.  NOT the same thing in my book.  But we did find a K-mart right there.  I wanted to look for a pair of gloves for me since I forgot mine and Ryan had forgotten a sweatshirt, so we got him a New Mexico one.  And Chief had called me (she’s doing the March tomorrow also) and her friend had forgotten a sweatshirt and asked if I would find a cheap one for her.  Well, I found a clearance rack and everything on it was $2.99 or less and I found a $20 sweatshirt on there.  When we finally got to our hotel and got our room, I brought the sweatshirt down to Chief’s room and her friend couldn’t believe that it was only $3!!  

After we had got settled in our room a bit, we FINALLY went to eat dinner.  The guy at the front desk of the hotel (also co-owner) had told us about a 24-hour diner down at a truck stop a couple miles from here.  So we went there, and OH MY!!!!  It was called Fork in the Road, and it was awesome!!  First, they had Pepsi products, so Ryan was happy.  And EVERYTHING on their menu is all-you-can eat.  Even the kids’ menu.  I had an omelet and toast and once was enough for me.  Ryan had grilled cheese and fries, and he had three times.  Robert had a scrambled egg, sausage patty, and toast, twice over.  All that food for only $18!!!!  You CANNOT beat that.  And it was good food, too.  Then it was back to the hotel, and now it’s 2330 and my alarm is going off at 0300.  We’re leaving at 0400.  I’m riding with Chief so Ryan and Robert can sleep a little later.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the race report (if I’m not too tired when we get home).

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