Relaxing Day!!

Today was an awesome relaxing day!  No school.  No Child Time.  No work.  Ryan had a funeral with the Patriot Guard Riders/American Legion Riders around lunchtime.  I took Robert to The Cove – the Sierra Vista Aquatic Center.  They have "splash time" for the little kids (5 and under) and it’s a nice time for little kids to not have to worry about bigger kids, and they don’t have the waves going.  Robert was scared of going in past his ankles for maybe 10 minutes and then I coaxed him out to about 2 1/2 feet.  Soon he was just walking around and playing with the pool toys and having a good old time – in water up to his neck!!!!  My main mission was accomplished today – to get him to not be afraid of the water as he is starting swimming lessons on Monday.  I also wanted to see how everything was laid out so I could be ready for Monday.  It’s a beautiful facility!!

Once we got changed and left there, we went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  I brought a huge box full of stuff and a few other things.  And then we went inside and found a pair of pants for Robert and a sweatshirt for me for Sunday, one that I can discard (and they’ll pick them up and donate them).  I get to the check out only to realize I don’t have my wallet.  Good grief!!  So we went home and got my wallet and then went back and paid for the stuff and then went home again.  Robert played and I vacuumed as a lady from Re-Max came to do an inspection on our house.  Our lease is up for renewal next month, and they needed to inspect before we resign.  She’ll send us the lease in the mail and we’ll sign it and bring it back to them.

Ryan left for the Legion to help with the lasagna dinner and Robert and I continued our relaxing day.  He played Mario Kart and I stitched some and did laundry.  We went to the Legion for dinner and that was some GOOD lasagna!!  Then it was home to play some more before bed.  Once he was tucked into bed, I stitched more.

Today’s high:  64
Current:  53


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