Let the weekend begin

Yesterday was a good day at work.  We had our first Brass Quintet rehearsal with our "new" BQ – our horn and tuba players have left and we have new ones.  Rehearsal went really well.  Then I did stuff in my office for the rest of the morning.  I left for home shortly before 1300.  I spent the afternoon playing on my computer and just relaxing.  We picked Robert up from Child Time and went to McDonald’s for supper.  Then we went to Walmart and got our new bookcase, a new dresser for Robert, and an end table for me.  Then it was home for reading time.  After Robert was in bed, I stitched.

This morning was a no alarm clock morning and it’s always nice to sleep in.  Once up, I did computer stuff and we played.  And I got my area cleaned up and got my new end table in place.  It looks nice.  Shortly after noon, we went to K’s to bring her the TV and stand from our van.  Then she came with us and we went to Lowe’s and to Walmart.  After we were done shopping, we went to a Chinese buffet place for a late lunch.  After we had dropped her off at her place, we came home, and Ryan started putting Robert’s dresser together and Robert helped some.  I stitched some.  After the dresser was together, I went in Robert’s room and made room for the dresser and after Ryan brought it in, I got his clothes in there.  Then Ryan got the book case put together and we got that to it’s new home.  Maybe tomorrow we’ll start working on getting books and stuff on it.  Robert played games on my computer while we were doing all that.  After Robert was in bed, I stitched more.  Since we had had a late lunch, we didn’t have dinner.  Robert wasn’t hungry at all and Ryan and I ate a little later.  I had spaghettios and he had grilled cheese.

Today’s high:  44
Current:  34

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