Dermatology & Rainbows

This morning was another early morning for us and Robert went to Child Time before school again.  Then I headed to the dermatologist for my appointment to have 3 moles removed.  There was one on the back of my right shoulder, one on my upper right arm, and one on the left side of my abdomen.  Nothing major hopefully – they were more annoying than anything.  But they are sending them in for biopsies, just in case.  The arm and shoulder ones he just shaved off and the one on my abdomen he had to cut out and I have 6 stitches in that.  No running until my stitches come out.  Boo.  I was looking forward to a run this weekend.  After I was done with that, I headed off to work.  I saw this while driving in to post. . . (Click it to make it bigger)

I got to work after formation, but it had been cleared previously.  I chatted with my team leader for a bit to see what I had missed at formation and anything else I needed to know and then I headed to my office.  Our computer guy is in the process of upgrading our computers to Vista and it was my computer’s turn this morning, so I was going to practice, but then one of my Soldiers needed to go to Finance for an issue, so I went with her and got that hopefully taken care of.  When we got back to the band hall, this is what we saw. . .

Then I did practice the rest of the morning until lunch and it was a good time with my trombone!  At lunch I ate and then I stitched, and started getting my computer set back up.  After lunch was more setting my computer back up and working on various NCOERs that needed to be sent places and reviewed and stuff.  I finally left work about 1640 and I picked Robert up on my way home.  He played Wii for a little while and then when K got here, we went to SHa’s to get his TV that K bought from him.  It’s HEAVY.  It’s going to stay in the back of my van until the weather clears up.  It’s been raining and super windy today – gusts up to 60mph or so.  She took us to dinner to thank us for all the help with the TV and getting settled and stuff.  We went to Applebees and had ordered and Ryan had just gotten his salad and the power went out all over on that part of town.  Our server told us not to worry about our drinks or the salad, but they couldn’t serve any food until the power went out and we were free to leave.  So we did, and went to Chili’s instead.  There was power on that end of town.  So we had a really nice dinner.  Then it was home to get Robert to bed and I’m heading there soon as well.

OH – we got a check in the mail today – our settlement from all our damaged household goods from our move here.  And even better, it was an acceptable amount!  We’ll be going furniture shopping this weekend – bookshelf, dresser for Robert, china cabinet of some kind.

Today’s high:  55
Current:  50

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