Household Goods

We got up and headed to a little local donut place this morning for breakfast.  Pretty good!!  Then we went to Lowe’s to buy a new dryer vent hose thing.  Lowe’s opens at 0630 here.  And then it was home.  The guy from the gas company came and we now have hot water (gas water heater) and the furnace works (won’t need that for quite some time).  The guy came to do the garage door openers, so now we have that capability.  The previous tenants didn’t turn in the openers.  They got charged, we got new ones, on a different frequency.  And then our household good showed up on a big truck!!  They had 6 crates on the first truck and after they had unloaded all that, they went and got the other 4 crates plus the huge box for the couch.  They had everything unloaded and the stuff put together that needed to be put together (beds, tables, etc.) all within about 4 1/2 to 5 hours, including their trip back to get the other crates.  The packers/loaders on the New York end did a piss-poor job.  We had some avoidable damage, and we’ll be getting some new furniture out of this move.  Ryan’s and Robert’s dressers are damaged beyond repair.  Robert’s bed got quite a bit of damage.  Our good, big bookcase suffered damage.  My cross stitch chart file cabinet suffered damage (fixable, but they’ll still have to pay some on it).  My desk that will be my sewing machine table has a broken leg. Yes, Mom, your desk.  Ryan will be able to fix it, but they’ll still be paying some.  My china hutch is damaged beyond repair.  There’s probably a few other things I’m not remembering right now.  Hopefully there’s not more when we open up and empty all the boxes starting tomorrow.  I’ll be starting in my kitchen first.

After everything was done for the day and I had finished all the "today paperwork" (more paperwork later for the claims process), we headed to Best Buy to get a new 42" flat screen tv.  We also got a new Tivo HD and a tv stand for the TV.  I talked them into $50 off the TV (used the "well, I could go on post to the PX and not have to pay sales tax" route and it worked), and we got $100 off the Tivo for a special they had for buying an HD TV and Tivo at the same time.  And we had a 10% off coupon we used on the tv stand (thanks Rick!).  So we saved close to $200 on everything!!  Now we’re at McDonald’s to use their WiFi for e-mail and stuff.  We had dinner as well and they have a play area so Robert get’s to play while we do computer stuff.

Cable and internet being hooked up tomorrow morning!!  Can’t wait!

Today’s high:  93
Current:  85

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