We have a house!

This morning we signed our lease!!  We got our keys and headed to the house.  The electricity was already on and the water was turned on shortly after we got there.  We got the van unloaded – finally – after nearly 3 weeks of it being loaded down.  And then we headed back to post to get the rest of our stuff from temp lodging and check out of there.  Only 4 nights in temp lodging!!!!  How cool is that!  And then it was to the Harley dealership to finish up the paperwork on that and get Ryan’s bike home.  He sure enjoyed his first ride home with it!  And it looks good in our garage.  We got the van unloaded again and then we headed to Walmart for stuff we needed – toilet paper, a kitchen garbage can, trash bags, etc.  Then back and we actually got all the boxes and stuff from the van unpacked AND put away!!!  We’ve pretty much decided how our living room will be set up when our stuff arrives tomorrow.  Robert is excited to have his own bathroom.  No pics of our house yet, but I’ll get to it.  We get our internet hooked up on Saturday, so we’re sitting at McDonald’s right now.  At least they have a pretty nice play area for Robert to play at.  We’ve also made a trip to Target for more things we needed – shower curtain rings, a shower curtain liner for our bathroom, toothbrush holder for Robert’s bathroom.  Little things that you don’t really think about until you need them.

Today’s high:  93
Current:  85

3 thoughts on “We have a house!

  1. When we got to Hawaii, we needed spices and a can opener. Someone gave us a military one, or we had one. One of my friends discovered no shower curtain when he was all set to jump in the shower and had to dress and go to WalMart at midnight to get one.

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