Early morning and a 13 hour day

My alarm went off at 0400 this morning and I was out the door about 0450.  I had a Soldier starting the Warrior Leader Course today and as his first-line supervisor, I’m his sponsor.  I had to make sure all his gear and uniforms got to the training area (the NCO Academy (NCOA) on Ft. Drum – about 8 blocks from the band hall).  After he was dropped off, all the Soldiers went for in-processing and a weigh in.  The sponsors had a short briefing and we were released for a while.  I went to the Shoppette and got a Little Debbie Honey Bun and a cappucino.  Yeah, I know, not the best breakfast in the world but better than nothing.  I stopped by my supply office on my way back to the NCOA and got my cross stitch project out of my desk.  Once back to the NCOA I finished the book I was reading and then stitched for a while – sitting in my car in the parking lot waiting.  I consumed my breakfast as well.  Eventually our soldiers got back and we got them hooked up with their bags and then they went for their shake-down inspections to see if they had everything they were supposed to and us sponsors had a few more briefings.  Eventually the Soldiers came back out from their barracks and the sponsors got to talk to them for a little bit.  My Soldier was missing a few things and he gave me his list and his barracks room (band barracks as opposed to the NCOA barracks which will be his home for the next 2 weeks) key so I could get the stuff.  I wasn’t so much that he forgot it, it’s more like the stuff just didn’t make it into his duffle bags.  I also had to go to the PX and get a few things from there for him.

After I was done at the PX I got the stuff from his room and then off to my supply office.  It was pretty close to lunchtime by now so I just ate my lunch and relaxed a little bit.  But then I started doing something work related and then something else and pretty soon my lunch time was over and I hadn’t stitched at all.  I had been hoping to finish my small project today.  Oh well.  The afternoon was filled with paperwork, computer stuff, e-mails and all kinds of stuff.  And to top it off, I’m the Duty NCO for the week and I ended up relieving the outgoing CQ as a new duty roster hadn’t been posted.  1SG has been at the 1SG Course and he’s the one that does the duty rosters.  The phone only rang once, so it wasn’t too bad.  I couldn’t go bring the stuff to my Soldier until 1755 when they got back from dinner chow, so I hung around the office until about 1730.  Then I went and did a security check of the buildings before heading up to the NCOA.  I had to wait a little bit before they got back from chow, but there were other sponsors waiting as well so we all just chatted about stuff.  I gave him his stuff and headed home.

Ryan had picked Robbie up earlier and taken him to Lowe’s in Watertown – needed a few more things to be able to do 1SG’s windows.  They cooked supper – mac & cheese.  So at least after my long day I didn’t have to cook.  That sure was nice!  Thanks Sweetie!

Robbie’s in bed now, and since I’ve been up since 0400, I’m going to bed as well.

Snow coming tomorrow. . . .

High:  32 (current temp)
Low:  26

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