Chhhhuuuurrrrccchhh, pot luck, and back outside!!!

I was up shortly after 7 this morning and in the kitchen in my pajamas.  I got my crockpot of chili going and I made 3 dozen mini jalapeno cornbread muffins.  They were for the potluck that was to be after church.  I’m liking this new church since it starts an hour later and we have a 5 minute (if that) drive instead of a 30 minute drive.  Our mornings are so much more leisurely!  But the service this morning – wow.  They’ve been having revival services since Thursday evening, and this morning was one of them as well.  It lasted almost 2 hours after the message – a very energetic and LONG one, and then an altar call.  Heather and I were writing notes back and forth on the bulletin and we think Jeff dozed off during the altar call.  But Robbie was VERY well behaved for a very long time.  After that was finally over, it was time for the potluck and there was a LOT of great food.  My chili and cornbread were a hit and there was just enough chili left for Ryan for lunch tomorrow.  I should make chili for my guys more often.  Of course Ryan had some, but even Robbie ate a whole bowl full!  Yes, mom, I like chili now.  I never disliked chili I guess – I just like chili with some kick.  Sorry Dad, but if I ever make it at home, I’ll make sure it’s mom’s way.

After much food and much conversation with Jeff & Heather and others from the church – everyone is so friendly and always making sure they’ve introduced themselves to us and making sure they know our names – we headed home.  Robbie went up for quiet/nap time and I got ready to go out for a run.  Yes, you read that right.  I went for a run outside this afternoon and boy did it feel great!!  I went 4 miles and got to try out my new “toy” that I put my Christmas money toward.  I used my Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS watch.  It seems big at first when I put it on, but once I started running I didn’t really notice it.  It’s COOL!  It scrolls through several screens and shows current pace, average pace, fastest pace, how long you’ve been going, distance, and calories burned.  And I also have it set so it beeps after every mile!  Then when I got home I hooked it up to my computer with the USB cable and it uploaded my workout into the program that came with it.  I showed my elevation information (how much I ascended and descended), showed me a map of where I ran (it was really boring today – I went out to the main road, ran until I hit 2 miles, and then turned around and came home), and a chart of the elevation.  For someone who’s not super into technology stuff, this sure is a cool running gadget!!  Ok, so I’m just a little excited about running outside again and using my new toy.  LOL

We were still full from the potluck, so we didn’t really have dinner again.  Robbie chose to have some french toast sticks (freezer to toaster kind) and Ryan and I just ate whatever when we got hungry.  I finished my hardanger piece into a bellpull – Ryan made the wood part of the hanger!  Here’s a picture of what it looks like now that it’s all done:

I’ll be getting it out in the mail now to the instructor.  It was a Group Correspondence Course through EGA and it will be evaluated by the instructor.  I’ll get a critique on it and a certificate of completion when I get the piece back.  I really enjoyed stitching it, but I’m sure glad it’s done now.

After Robbie was in bed, I worked more on Cats, Cats, Cats, a piece I started way back in 1996.  I’m in the last “square” now and the end is in sight!  Here’s what the bottom half looks like after this weekend’s progress (the top half is all rolled up on the scroll frame).

That’s it for tonight.  I need to get to bed since I’ll be getting up at 0400 tomorrow morning so I can be at Battalion by 0530.  Not fun.

High:  32 (and sunshine & blue sky!)
Low:  16
Current:  27 and clear skies

3 thoughts on “Chhhhuuuurrrrccchhh, pot luck, and back outside!!!

    • I’m pretty sure it’ll help me get home if I get lost, but I didn’t get the heartrate monitor variety – that would have been $100 more. I don’t feel I really need a heartrate monitor – I just go off how I feel.

  1. Lani, your Cats piece is almost done and I’m SO proud of you!! The hardanger is just LOVELY and if it ever needs a temporary vacation from the east coast, I’d be more than happy to have it here in Oregon. lol

    Sounds like you’ve found a wonderful church that appreciates ALL of it’s members. Big and small ones. I’m so happy for you all.

    Big hugs!! Nancy LaS:0)

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