Relaxing finally

Hmm. . . Yesterday. . . What did I do? We slept in. We played with Robbie’s new toys. I stitched some during naptime. Then we went to town for some shopping. We picked Mom up from work and then Rick took us all to dinner at Tommy’s. The service was kind of poor, but once we finally all got the right food it was really good and I ate too much. Then we drove around and looked at Christmas lights. After all the ones in town, we went back to Mom’s work and she and I went in her truck and went grocery shopping while the guys went and looked at a few more lights on their way home.

This morning I was up shortly after 9. I did some stuff on my computer and then went and got Robbie up. My cousin (and Robbie’s Godmother) Amanda and her fiance stopped by to visit for a while. They’ll be going out of town this weekend, so she wanted to see us once more before we left We visited for a while, and after they left Robbie and I had breakfast. Then we played for a while and after the mail came, we got bundled up and I pulled him on his sled to get the mail. After I brought it in, we played outside in the snow for probably over an hour. Rick and Ryan joined us, and we were all over the yard and even walked a ways on the lake. When we came in, I made some Easy Mac for Robbie for lunch and then he went and took a nap. I *should* of sat and crocheted and/or stitched, but I played computer games instead for a little while. Then I took pictures of all of Robbie’s Christmas presents

and a picture of all my presents

Rick and I made supper and it was getting ready just as Mom got home from work. We made scalloped potatoes and ham. It was pretty good, considering I didn’t use to like that food. After we ate, we went to visit Carl & Amanda and baby Hope, and see their new house. Amanada has done a great job decorating. We stayed for probably an hour or so visiting, and I got to hold Hope for a while. After we got home we had sauna and then dessert left over from Christmas dinner. Now I’m heading to bed.

High: 32
Low: 18
Current: 19

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