An anniversary date and more

Ok, so maybe I’ve been relaxing too much seeing as how I haven’t written since Thursday again. Friday was me and Ryan’s 5th Anniversary. The day was just a normal day – playing with Robbie, playing on our computers, etc. Then we went out to dinner with just the 2 of us. We went to UP North Lodge, the place we got the gift card from G’ma & G’pa for Christmas. Ryan had a full rack of ribs and I had a steak. Everything was really good. Our waitress was a girl I knew back from high school, so that was kind of neat. After we were done with our dinners, some of the waitresses came out and sang their little Happy Anniversary song to us and brought us a chocolate ice cream dessert thing. It was really good, even on top of all the food we had already eaten. Then we headed to the Section House Bed & Breakfast in Little Lake. Mom & Dad had paid for a night there for us – thank you!! The lady that runs the place is really nice, and she showed us around on our way to our room. We stayed in the “green room” – the walls were painted shades of green and it was a very calming room. We got settled in and Ryan got our DVDs from the van. We watched Dodgeball and SWAT while we stitched and just relaxed.

Saturday morning was breakfast made by the owner, and she cooked whatever we wanted. We had eggs, waffles, sausage (Ryan), bacon (me), hashbrowns (Ryan), oj (Ryan), fresh homemade apple cider (me), and coffee. She made way lots of food, and we sure got our fill. We enjoyed visiting with her and her boyfriend while we ate, and we learned why it was called the Section House. It’s right by the train tracks, and back before there were lots of roads, the tracks were broken down into about 20 mile sections. Each section had a crew and a supervisor that was in charge of keeping up their section of track. The Section House was the section supervisor’s house. So that was a neat bit of history we learned by staying there.

We got home a little after 10 and Robbie sure was glad to see us. He did have a fun evening with Gramma & Grampa and Uncle Rick though. We spent the rest of the day doing the usual relaxing/playing. Saturday evening was Sauna again.

Sunday was church and Robbie got to show off his new dress shoes that he couldn’t wear Christmas Eve. We found them on Christmas Day when we took all the presents out of the box to put under the tree. Silly me! After church we came home and after Mom got home from Choir practice, she and Robbie and I made cookies. Robbie helped with the thumbprint cookies. Then Mom & I made peanut blossoms and strawberry jello “pastel cookies”. Robbie took a nap. After the cookies were all done, I got caught up on my newspapers. We went to Our Place for supper – the plan was for Jerry’s Wilderness Room, but they were closed. I guess they didn’t want our business. Our Place is a sub shop, but the have lots of other things as well. I had a mushroom/swiss burger and breaded mushrooms, Robbie had grilled cheese & fries, and Ryan had nachos supreme and mozzarella sticks. Then it was home for more playing – Mom brought a big box home from work and Robbie’s been having fun playing in/with that. After he was in bed, we all watched TV and Mom and I stitched. I’ll have to post some pics later of what I’ve been working on.

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