Batallion Organiztional Day

Today was a long day. And it didn’t start very well. I slept through my “get up and go run 5 miles” alarm so I’ll do my 5 miler tomorrow morning. After that the day wasn’t too bad though. I dropped Robbie off at daycare and then I headed to the multi purpose fields where the event was being held. We had Batallion formation at 9 and the day went from there. First up was the soccer tournament. Each company had a team (ours was formed at 1500 yesterday, so no practice). It was a double elimination tournament, and we’ll just say the band team had a lot of fun playing our two games. We lost both miserably – a lot to nothing. When we were done playing some of us went and just sat under the pavillion to get out of the sun for a while. Lunch was good – steak and ribs and macaroni salad and tater salad and a few other things. After lunch I was in charge of the Kiddie Games. So I got my stuff set up for the games (some relays and stuff), and then I wandered and found parents with kids and let them know. I got back to my area and during the whole time there were like 4 kids. So we just used the plastic baseball bats that were going to be for one of the relays and hit baseballs (also plastic) for a little while. Each kid that showed up got a “Winner” medal (plastic), so at least they got something.

By the time I was done cleaning up my area, the football games were starting, so I headed over to cheer on the band team. They lost their first game, and I actually got to play the second game. I wasn’t originally on either of the teams because I was in charge of the kids’ games. But I’m glad I got to play. It was flag football. I made a couple of catches and also quite a few “tackles”, including this one guy that must have been close to 7 feet tall and HUGE. I “tackled” him two plays in a row – the SAME play both times. You’d think they would have learned after the first time. We continued our streak with that game and lost. The band didn’t score a single point between soccer or football. LOL But we had lots of fun. After the game I went back to the pavillion for a bit and had some cake and some water, and then I had to leave at 3:45 thereby missing the tug-of-war and closing “ceremonies” (formation). The band actually did win their first t-o-w match, but then lost the second. At least we weren’t last place in everything!

I had to leave as I had made a massage appointment for 1630 (free 1/2 hour one from the chiro). I picked Robbie up from daycare and then headed to Watertown and I had a wonderful massage – back, neck, shoulders, and face. Ryan met me there so he could watch Robbie. Then we headed to our chiro in Sackets Harbor. Then it was back to get Ryan’s truck, a stop at Kinney Drugs because I realized that even though I had brought my uniform with me for just in case, I hadn’t thought to bring stuff to put my hair up. So I bought a hairbrush (needed a new one anyway) and some rubber bands for my hair. Then we went to the Golden Unicorn for supper.

One of my coworkers met me there shortly before 7:30 and I drove him to the band hall. He can’t drive on post and the usual people he rides with weren’t on tonight’s job. Once at the band hall I changed into my uniform and then got my horn warmed up for the Troop Return Ceremony we played at this evening. The ceremony lasted a whole EIGHT MINUTES! LOL The Commanding General’s speech was pretty much “Welcome home. Families, thanks for your support. I’m the only thing standing between you soldiers and your hugs, so let’s get on with it.” I wish they could all be short like that. Then it was back on the bus, back to the band hall, and head home. I made a quick stop at the grocery store on my way and now I’m ready for bed. I’m TIRED.

High: 85 (and we were all wearing BLACK t-shirts all day)
Low: 59

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