Another day

We ran at PT this morning – 3.4 miles. For the other 3 I ran with (all from BQ), it was a long, slow run. For me it was a short, fast run. Since my shortest run in my marathon training program is 5 miles, 3.4 was short, and I ran it in 34 minutes – a 30 second per mile faster pace than I’ve been running. Just like Ryan, some people at work think I’m crazy for wanting to run 26.2 miles for the fun of it.

After morning formation, we went out to the field by our buildings and did some marching band. We have a Tattoo coming up to honor some Colonels who are leaving Ft. Drum. We’re going to be marching in playing, and then when we get to the stopping point, we’re executing a bit of marching band drill to go from our marching block to a concert band setting. This morning we learned how and practiced going from block to concert. We started working on getting back into the block, but it was getting close to lunchtime and it was hot outside. We’ve still got a little over 2 weeks until the tattoo, so we have plenty of time to learn this simple drill. After lunch we had weapons maintenance time so we were all cleaning our weapons. Mine was still clean from the last time I cleaned the clean weapon (I’ve never fired the rifle I have assigned to me), so it didn’t take much to get it to standard. Once I was done, I went and took care of some stuff in my Ops office, and then I headed out to get Robbie and meet Ryan to go to the chiro. We ate supper at Wendy’s on our way home, and after Robbie was in bed, we watched TV and I crocheted.

High: 81
Low: 48

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