Long Day

No PT this morning, but it still ended up being a long day. Formation was at 0700. We finally have a class motto – “Inspire. Entertain. Educate. HOOAH!!” I think it’s pretty neat – us NCO’s need to inspire our younger soldiers, entertain our audiences, and educate our soldiers and audiences (and ourselves) about music. It was COLD today, as you will see later, and our morning mace class was switched to the afternoon. So we did jazz reports this morning, but still didn’t finish. We also did section rehearsal techniques, MIDI, and baton techniques (conducting). After lunch was our practice period, mace, and then we finally finished the jazz reports a little after 5.

While practicing, I think I had a stranger in my practice room. My scales were faster than the past few days, and MUCH cleaner. After the first few, I was looking around to see who else was in my room. LOL Without even thinking about it, I had started playing them lighter which in turn made them faster and cleaner. Gee, imagine that!! I don’t know how long people have been telling me to lighten up my playing and I’ve never been able to do it, and now it just came out. I think we may have a breakthrough here! (Knock on wood . . .)

When we were done with our reports and cleaning the classroom and everything, several of us walked over to the Navy clothing sales to see if they had any neck gaiters so I could get one to keep me warm during our run tomorrow morning. They didn’t, but since we were there, we stopped at Subway to eat some supper. Lots of good conversation while we were eating and then on the walk back to our rooms. We all got changed out of our uniforms finally and then met back up and headed back to the school house to do our Finale homework. I finished mine about 7:45 and came home and got CSI turned on and called Ryan to talk for a while. I also got some stitching done (of course).

Overnight low: 33
Today’s high: 40 (it was 37 with a windchill of 31 when we were out doing mace training)

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