We started the end of the week with a run with our Sergeant Major. We went about 3 miles – not bad, and I managed to stay with the formation! The worst part was the temperature – 31 degrees with a windchill of about 25. But once we got going, it wasn’t that bad.
After a quick COLD (no hot water today for some reason) shower and breakfast and change uniforms, it was off to the school house to start the day. We had our formation at 7, and then into the classroom for MIDI and baton techniques. The last 2 periods before lunch were down in one of the rehearsal rooms with the Advanced Course students with our instruments. This was our first chance to practice our conducting. The Advanced students just did the National Anthem, but we got to start and stop a march, do Honors (2 Ruffles & Flourishes and the General’s March), and the Anthem. I did pretty well for my first time, but I do still have things to work on before our evaluations next week.

After lunch was our practice period as always. I finally found out when I will be having lessons, and who with. The three of us trombonists in the class won’t be working with the actual trombone instructor as his schedule is already over-full. We’ll be having lessons with SFC Adrian, and I have no idea what instrument he plays. My lessons are going to be on Thursdays during our practice period. Mainly I’m going to be working on my jazz sightreading.

I stopped and picked up our mail – a package for me from Ryan!!! and a card and also one other thing for someone else. The rest of the afternoon was spent outside on the field practicing our mace stuff. Everyone is making progress, some faster than others, but those of us that are catching on quicker are helping those that are struggling a little. It’s all a big teamwork thing.

Once the day was done and we had cleaned up the classroom, a group of us headed out to dinner just to relax and unwind from the week. We went to Ruby Tuesday’s and had a great time. Lots of good conversation, and the food was really good too – at least I didn’t have to cook it in my microwave. LOL After I got home, I called Ryan and then stitched for a while. I didn’t even turn my TV on – just stitched in the quiet.

One thought on “Friday!!

  1. You’ve been BLOG TAGGED!!

    Howdy do Miss Lani! It was SOOO great to meet you last Saturday!!! 🙂 I had so much fun with you!! We’ll have to go check out the beach together soon! hehehe…’ve been BLOG TAGGED! Tag you’re it!! LOL Just go back to my blog and answer the questions when you get the chance!



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