The U.S. Army Field Band

Today was a good day. We all slept in – I got up about 8 and Robbie just shortly after that. I had enough time to feed him breakfast before Kristin showed up at 8:30. We had planned to run together this morning, and it was sure good to get back out there again. I haven’t run since my PT test a week and a half ago. And now that I’m on the PT incentive program, I’ve missed running with Kristin in the mornings. We went 2.7 miles around my neighborhood.

After showering and relaxing for a while, we left for the fairgrounds downtown to bring my entries for the Georgia-Carolina State Fair. I’ve got 8 things entered. We won’t be going until 4 November, so I won’t know until then how I did.

When we got home from the fairgrounds and auto parts store (Ryan had to get a new alternator for his car), Robbie laid down and took a nice long 3 hour nap. I got a bit of stitching done, and finished my project I had been working on – January Flip It by Lizzie*Kate:

I also got a good start on February, but I won’t be finishing it until next month.

This evening we went to Aiken to see the U.S. Army Field Band from Washington, D.C., in concert. The place was almost full – maybe 50 or seats still empty throughout. It was an excellent concert and Robbie was a good boy for most of it. Near the end he started getting a little fussy, but it was way past his bedtime. If any of the military bands from Washington, D.C. are playing near you, I highly encourage you to attend the concert. You won’t be disappointed!

One thought on “The U.S. Army Field Band

  1. Army Field Band

    I agree. We had the opportunity to see and hear one of the bands last year in our area. They were excellent. A very enjoyable evening.

    Sally (MOM)

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