Back for one day.

I went back today after being on quarters yesterday. Most everyone missed me, but there was one person that didn’t even notice I was not there yesterday. That’s ok though. It was a pretty easy day – ceremony this morning and then a little bit of training work (only had about 20 minutes before lunch after the ceremony). After lunch I did some more training work (we’ve got the rifle range coming up next week so we’re prepping for that) and then we (E-5’s and below) did the weekly outside details – mowing, edging, raking, etc. I raked today. After that was done, I practiced for about 1/2 hour. I think I’ve finally settled on what solo I’m going to play for BNCOC, and that’s a good thing since my 30-days-prior to school audition will be the beginning of December.

After I picked Robbie up from day care, we came home and got Ryan and then left to get him a new battery for his car. Stopped at Fazoli’s for dinner on our way home. Ryan got the new battery in, and turns out it wasn’t the battery that was giving him problems – it’s the alternator. His battery was kind of old anyways, so it’s good we replaced it, but now we get to shell out another $100 for an alternator. Hopefully he’ll be able to get it in by himself.

I got a cross stitch project almost done while we watched TV tonight. I’ve got 2 small areas left to work on, and then it’ll be done. I’ll finish it up during Robbie’s nap tomorrow.

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