Six Flags Over Georgia

That’s where we went yesterday! Here’s the story:
We left home about 6:45 in the morning and drove out to post to get gas and meet up with my friends from work (Phil & Kaori and their sons Tristan & Kei and also Briana). We got the vans all full with gas and also bought ice for our cooler. The drive to Atlanta was uneventful other than Tristan having to pee alongside the road a couple of times.

Got to the park at 9:45 – just before it opened and got our FREE tickets! Ryan picked up a park map and we headed off. Our first rides were in the Bugs Bunny area for kids. Robbie went on the semis – I went with him. Tristan went on a few other rides because he’s a little bigger. We rode the train around the park and Phil and Ryan and I went on a roller coaster. Then we all walked back to our vans for lunch – sandwiches, chips, fruit, etc. Robbie had baby food carrots. After a nice relaxing (and cheap) lunch, we headed back to the park for more fun.

The 3 of us went on a few more roller coasters (Kaori & Briana watched the boys) throughout the day, and we all went on a water ride – we were in big round boats and went around a river with rapids and got soaked. Well, Robbie and Kei were too little (and too asleep) to go so Phil and I stayed back with them and everyone else went. When they got back, Phil and I went. That was a nice bit of refreshment from the heat of the day. All of us except Kaori went on the carousel – the daddies held Robbie and Kei. We ate at a restaurant in the park and the guys and Kaori had chicken fingers and fries and Briana and I had salads. Robbie had baby food peaches. Then we drove “antique cars” around a track. That was fun. Robbie and I drove and Ryan sat in the back seat. Our last ride was a hot air balloon ride. Robbie and I went on that and it was fun. Robbie didn’t mind the up and down or the going in a circle.

On our way out of the park about 8:45 we stopped at a couple of shops for some souvenirs – Robbie got a SuperBaby outfit! We got back to the cars and changed diapers and Robbie got his jammies on. I made him a bottle and we headed home. Robbie was asleep within 20 minutes of leaving and slept most of the way home except for when we stopped at a rest stop. It was about 11:15 when we got home and Robbie went straight to bed and Ryan and I followed shortly after that.

You can see pictures of our day here: Six Flags Pictures

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