He’s been shot!!

LOL – don’t panic! Robbie had his 2-month well-baby exam today and he is very healthy and growing! He weighed in at 13 pounds and was 23 inches long! After the doctor was done looking him over, we went to the Immunization clinic for his first 5 shots. He did very well with them and only cried a little bit. Of course, thanks to Mom’s help, I gave him a dose of Infant Tylenol BEFORE we went for the shots!
NOTE: Don’t go out for dinner with your infant if said infant had shots earlier in the day. Ryan and I went to Famous Dave’s BBQ for dinner – our first time there. The service and food were both awesome, but Robbie started getting fussy (he usually sleeps through dinner when we go out). Ryan took him outside and I got a couple of to-go boxes and paid for our meal. I did manage to eat most of the rest of mine before Ryan came back in, but we took about 1/2 of Ryan’s home. He’ll take it for lunch tomorrow.
I hope everyone remembered to vote today! If you didn’t – oh well. It’s too late now – unless you’re on the west coast. . .

Before I forget, here are links to a few pictures from Halloween:
Me and Robbie in our Devil costumes, Ryan in his Vietnam uniform holding Robbie, Robbie and his jack-o’lantern Ryan carved, and Our pumpkin on our front step.

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