Happy November!!

I saw an Army doctor yesterday morning and got another extension on my maternity leave – one more week home with Robbie!! YAY!! I’ll be going back to work next Monday, Nov. 8. Happy November to everyone – although it doesn’t feel like November here. It got up to 85 yesterday and is supposed to be almost as warm today. WHEN IS FALL GONNA GET HERE??????????? I’d love to be home in MI right now with the nice cool fall weather and changing leave colors and everything. And yes, even the snow! Only a month and a half until I go home for 2 weeks at Christmas. . . I can’t wait!

I went to my first EGA meeting since I’ve had Robbie. Of course, I took him with me as I knew all the ladies would want to see him and hold him and everything. He was a really good boy during the meeting and enjoyed all the attention before and after! I think he’s going to be an outgoing & social little boy. Oh, if you don’t know what EGA is, it stands for Embroiderer’s Guild of America.

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