A Museum & An Airport

Sunday after Church, Ryan and I took Rick to Fort Discovery – a hands-on science museum here in Augusta. It was a lot of fun – lots of neat exhibits and we got to “play” with everything! I even got to try out a hover chair. That was really cool – floating on air! We only spent a couple of hours there, but did get to see most everything. Of course, some of the exhibits didn’t interest me, and I didn’t play with everything. But it was still really interesting and educational.

Yesterday I got my nails done in the morning and then I went to the Post Office to pick up a package I needed to sign for. Rick and I also went out to post to get gas and then ate lunch at the food court. Then we stopped at a different Walmart than my usual one on the way home and I was finally able to get my glider-rocker for the nursery!! Right after Ryan got home from work in the afternoon we left to go to Macon again to the State Fair grounds so I could pick up my cross stitch pieces with their ribbons and I also got the money that I won! It was a long day, but certainly worth it with my ribbons I won!

Today we brought Rick back to the Columbia airport so he could go home. We have a very enjoyable visit this past week and were sad to see him leave. At least Christmas is coming soon and Ryan and Robbie and I will be going home to Michigan for Christmas again!! It’s always nice to see family. Rick, thanks for the wonderful visit and all the help around the house!

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