It’s been a while. . .

Ok, so it’s only been a week, but it’s still been a while. After Rick left, Robbie and I more or less got back on our schedule – walking in the morning and him napping (or me wishing me would) in the afternoon. Over the past weekend he developed the snifflies a little, and Ryan and I have been using the “sucker thing” to suck the stuff out of his poor little nose. He’s much better now, but still a little stuffed up. Monday evening Ryan and I went to Suzanne & Jared Bree’s house for dinner. Jared is a SGT in the band – our piano player, and Suzanne is going to be watching Robbie when I go back to work. They’re both very nice and have 2 boys of their own. Suzanne loves kids (they both do, actually), and that’s why she offered to watch Robbie. It’ll be really nice having someone I know watch him instead of “the lady at the childcare center.” Dinner was really good – chicken cordon bleu and mashed potatoes and veggies. They even made creme puffs for dessert! Today I was back there in the afternoon for a leadership meeting for our unit’s Family Readiness Group (I’m the liaison between the unit and the FRG so I’m considered part of the leadership), but no one else showed up. So Suzanne and I just sat and talked for a while and then I came home.
Other than that, there’s not much going on here. I’ll most likely be going back to work on the 18th, so then I’ll have more to write about. But if I’m lucky and get the Army doctor’s approval (my midwife is already willing to do it), I’ll get a 2-week extension on my maternity leave. Here’s to hoping!!

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