Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for my boys!

I'm thankful that Thomas is starting to feel better. His fever (102 yesterday) seems to have gone down, his appetite is back, and he was playing this afternoon! He's almost back to his happy-go-lucky self, but he's still a little fussy. We're going to keep him home from daycare tomorrow still and then hopefully by Monday he should be back to normal.

I'm thankful that we've instilled Patriotic values in Robert. Since we live on post we hear the daily bugle calls. Retreat is at 1700 when they lower the post flag and we've taught Robert what to do during Retreat. We picked him up from the Youth Center earlier than usual this evening and he was out on the playground behind our house with his friends, and when he heard Retreat being played, he and another girl made sure all the kids out there did the right thing! We're so proud of him for doing that!

I'm thankful for my wonderful husband!

Since Thomas couldn't go to the CDC today and I had a ceremony and a rehearsal, he got to stay home with Daddy. Ryan did a great job with him, gave him a bottle, got him down for a nap, and did whatever other things daddies and babies do when mommy isn't around. I'm thankful that he's so supportive of my career (and my running)!

I'm thankful for an awesome job!

Today I played my first gig here at Ft. Rucker, as a member of the 98th Army "Silver Wings" Band. It was a change of command ceremony and it was a full marching ceremony, out on the parade field, and it was 80 degrees out. I'm thankful that even after not much sleep last night I didn't fall out. And I'm thankful that I was able to stay home with Thomas this afternoon and provide him with some mommy snuggles.

One thought on “Thankful Thursday

  1. And we are thankful for you growing up to an adult like you are. We are thankful too, for Ryan, for you both help each other and are needed for each other, and besides we gained another son out of it. Ok, we could go on and on about the grand kids, but everyone knows how grandparents are!!


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