The first three weeks at home

These first three weeks have just FLOWN by.  Of course, the first week when I should have been resting was spent traveling back and forth to Tucson quite a bit.

We spent a couple of days in the hospital after Thomas was born.  The maternity and nursery unit was full, so we were in our labor & delivery room for most of the day (generally you're only there for about 2 hours after giving birth).  They finally got discharges taken care of in M & N and we were able to go down to the 7th floor.  All the rooms are private rooms, so that's nice.  Ryan got to stay with me, but Mom and Robert and K headed back to Sierra Vista – Robert had missed 2 days of school to be present for the birth of his baby brother.  Wednesday morning Thomas had his circumcision and then we got discharged on Thursday.  It was a long day – our only visitor was K and she's not really a visitor cuz she's more like family. 

So Thursday we got all our discharge instructions and Thomas and I put on real clothes to get ready to go home.  Ryan got all our stuff to the van and then all we had when we left was Thomas in his car seat/carrier and ourselves.  We said goodbye to all the wonderful nurses and staff and I got my wheelchair ride down to the entrance.  Thomas slept the whole way home, so it was a good ride.  And it was good to be home, although the cats kept looking at Thomas like "what is that THING you brought home?"  Friday morning after we got Robert to school, we headed back to Tucson to the pediatrics clinic at the hospital.  Thomas had a bit of jaundice and they wanted to check up on him.  Well, when they weighed him, he was down to 6 pounds, 15 ounces – almost a 10% weight loss so they were concerned.  We ended up getting an appointment with the lactation clinic on Saturday for a follow-up weight check – and yet another trip to Tucson.  After we were done at pediatrics, we went down to the lab for them to check Thomas' bilirubin levels for his jaundice.  Everything came back fine – we got the call just as we were getting to Chick Fil-et for lunch.  So at least the jaundice wasn't a problem anymore.

Saturday we went back to Tucson again – Mom stayed home with Robert this time (she came with us on Friday) – for our weight check at the lactation clinic.  Thomas was back up to 7 pounds, 3 ounces – definitely good progress.  The really nice lactation consultant helped Thomas and I with latching on a little better and gave us some hints and stuff, so that was good and helpful.  Then it was back home again.  Sunday we took Thomas to church for the first time!!  I didn't even miss a Sunday between being pregnant and going to church with a new baby.  Some people were surprised to see us and some were impressed that we were there, but everyone was glad to see us, and Thomas was introduced to the congregation.

Monday was finally a rest day for me.  Ryan went to Tucson for his weekly group appointment and it was just me and Mom and Thomas.  We did go for a walk and that was nice to get out and get some exercise.  Tuesday we had a SUPER early morning.  We dropped Robert off at Child Time right at 0530 when they opened and then headed to Tucson to get Mom to the airport on time for her flight home to MI.  It was sad to see her go, but we'll see her (and the rest of the family) again soon when we go home for Christmas.  After we dropped her off, Ryan, Thomas, and I went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and then to Target where we got a swing for Thomas (the Target here in Sierra Vista was out of stock of the swing we wanted).  Then we headed to the hospital to the pediatrics clinic for Thomas' 1 week check up.  The doctor said he was perfect!  And his weight was back up to 7 pounds, 7 ounces, so they were happy about that.  It just took us a little bit to get the breastfeeding thing down.  After his appointment, we had to go to the lab for one more last little bit of lab work for Thomas, and we also went up to the 8th floor and got to show him off to my midwife and I made my 6 week followup appointment.  Then we headed to the VA hospital for Ryan's other weekly group appointment and we got to show Thomas off to some of Ryan's care team.  Thomas and I walked around the VA campus while Ryan was in group and then we just hung out in the van after our walk until Ryan was done.

Wednesday I was finally able to start my relaxing and taking it easy.  Our days are all pretty much the same now – nurse Thomas whenever he's hungry, snuggle on the couch, go for walks, and do a little bit around the house – laundry one day, grocery shopping one day – never too much in one day.  This past Monday I started back to running – at 3 weeks postpartum!!  No pain and it feels great to be running again.  I'm taking walk breaks and not really pushing myself too hard yet – going to work on building back my endurance over the next couple of weeks before my half marathon training plan starts.

Thomas is breastfeeding well and growing quite a bit.  He goes about 2-3 hours in between feedings and is taking a decent nap in both the morning and afternoon.  Robert is doing well with school and he's on Fall Break this week, so enjoying the extra time playing with his friends at Child Time.  He's a great big brother and is so sweet with Thomas.  He likes holding him and checking out his dirty diapers.  He's not too keen on changing Thomas yet, but maybe that will come.

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