No lunch today, but my yard is raked

This morning after the guys left for school in my van, I brought Ryan’s truck to Condino’s for an oil change and complete detailing.  We’re going to be putting a For Sale sign up in, and we wanted it looking good!  They even got all the bumper and other stickers off, per our request.  After I dropped the truck off, I walked home and headed upstairs with some paper bags.  I went through all of Robbie’s baby clothes and got them organized by size in paper bags.  Since we’re moving later this summer, I’m going through stuff and getting rid of things so we don’t have to move with everything.  I did keep a few of Robbie’s outfits for future child(ren).  I’m going to be listing a lot of stuff on Freecycle this weekend, and hopefully save myself a trip or more to the Salvation Army thrift store.  I want to get them listed this weekend, so that I’ll be home next week for people to come and pick stuff up.

After a bit of relaxing and computering, I headed outside to rake my front yard.  The guys got home from school when I was part way done, and Robbie came and "helped" me.  He actually did pretty good once we traded his rake for a broom and he swept the sidewalks.  I also got some grass seed down in the area where we had a big stump removed a couple of years ago.  When we were done with that, we played baseball for a while.  Then I got washed up and headed to my chiropractor massage/adjustment – boy did that feel good after raking.  Once I got home, Robbie and I played outside a little more when he and Ryan got home from getting the truck – all nice and clean and shiny!!  They even retouched the paint in a few places.  Then we went to our local Italian place for dinner.  Ryan had lasagne and Robbie and I shared a small cheese pizza.  And then it was home – we walked since it’s only a few blocks away.  When we got home, Robbie and I played outside a little more and got some trash from the winter cleaned up.  Then it was bathtime for Robbie and after he was clean and tucked in bed, I stitched.

Oh, about the no lunch.  I didn’t have lunch today.  Not with Robbie at school.  Not at all.  I was driving home from the chiropractor’s and my stomach was growling really loud.  I couldn’t figure out how I could be so hungry since it was only just after 1600, but then I remembered that I hadn’t eaten anything since my bowl of Cheerios about 0900.  Oops.

Today’s high:  75!!!!
Current:  64

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