Long Day

I started this morning off a little earlier than normal. I conducted the monthly 10% urinalysis this morning and I like getting to the rehearsal hall about 0630 to get set up and ready to go right after PT formation at 0700. Of course, once everyone sees me in my ACUs when they’re in PTs, they know what’s going on. The question they have is Who? They find out during formation. I tested 5 soldiers this morning, including our commander and 1SG. All soldiers newly arrived to the unit will be tested within 30 days of arrival, so that’s why they were both tested today. I finished about 0945 and headed to turn the samples in and finalize the paperwork and stuff. Then it was back to the band hall and I caught the last maybe 10 minutes of the Sexual Assault Prevention class. Then it was a short rehearsal for tomorrow’s Division Run (we’re playing, not running). I went home for lunch as it was too early this morning for me to do much more than get me and Robbie dressed and out the door. I needed food (didn’t get breakfast), PT uniform for afternoon Special Pops PT – shirt was in the washer. I had started the washer before I left in the morning and I put the clothes in the dryer as soon as I got home for lunch and they were dry by the time I had to head back to continue doing the inventory. We did sound equipment today – microphones, speakers, amps, etc. Then after that we had a short BQ rehearsal for tomorrow’s gig. After work I walked with my soldier that’s on Special Pops – his ankle was bothering him today so we couldn’t run. We went 3 miles. But now I still need to get in my 6 mile run for the day. Hopefully we’ll have time tomorrow afternoon between jobs. Then it was to daycare to pick Robbie up and then home. Ryan worked until almost 6, so we just ordered pizza for supper. We played with cars and trucks for a while before bed, and then I read a few more newspapers trying to get caught up.

High: 71
Low: 59 (current temp)

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