Shovel, shovel, shovel

PT this morning was shoveling snow (aka snow removal). The Brass Quintet members (all 3 of us that were left between leave and doctor’s appointments) started 30 minutes before formation, but the snowblower wasn’t doing much good because there was so much ice from the snow melting and then refreezing. So after PT formation, we got a few extra people to help out and we got some chopper things to break up the ice a little and then I was working with a shovel from one end and the guy with the snowblower was working from the other end. I did about 3 times as much with my shovel than the snowblower guy did. But we finally got that one sidewalk done and then moved on to the other one. About 7:50, we stopped so we all could get home to change/eat/etc. After the 0930 formation, two of us from the BQ went out and finished the last sidewalk. Shoveling heavy frozen snow is hard work.

The rest of the morning I didn’t do much. I put in a pass request for tomorrow through Sunday so I can be here when the contractor is doing the work in my kitchen and I answered the Ops phone a couple of times. After eating my lunch, I crocheted on my lunch project (that is still a secret for now. . .) and had a nice chat with JS who was also eating lunch in the office. About 1330 we were told to go home if we didn’t have anything else to do, which we didn’t so we went.

When I got home, these were waiting on my desk for me!! Image Hosting by My Valentine’s Day present from Ryan. It’s a bit late, but that’s ok – he’s been working hard. Once spring comes around I’ll put the roses in a bigger pot and they’ll go out on the front porch. The candle is aromatic rainwater, and it smells really good. I’ve already burned it a little. Thank you Sweetie!!

We picked Robbie up from daycare and headed into Watertown to go to Walmart, Staples (cuz they didn’t have something we were looking for at Walmart), Wendy’s for dinner and church. We were about 3 or 4 minutes late for church and missed the beginning of the service, and that was because fast food at Wendy’s wasn’t exactly fast tonight. It was dinner time – 5:30 – when we arrived and they had ONE cashier working. And he was filling the orders as well. And he didn’t know how to do our gift card that Ryan had. And then the credit card gave him problems. We finally sat down to eat about 5:45 and church started at 6. Luckily our church is like 2 buildings down from Wendy’s so we were close, but still. . .

The church service was pretty short. We got there just in time to get our crosses of ashes on our foreheads. Robbie kept pointing to mine and then to Ryan’s and then to his. There were some lessons and some hymns, but no sermon. There were mini-sermons after each of the three lessons, but I couldn’t tell you what two of them were about because I was trying to keep Robbie quiet. One of them was about having patience. Gee, how fitting with trying to keep a toddler quiet. LOL

Once we got home, Robbie played for a little while, and we got the cupboards emptied and everything off the tops of them to get ready for tomorrow. Then Robbie headed up to bed and we got to sit and relax and watch a little bit of TV. I crocheted on a dishcloth that I’m working on.

Here’s my latest cross stitch finish. It’s called Christmas Blessings – Friends by Lizzie Kate. Image Hosting by

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