1/2 day of work

We had a good workout at PT this morning – my pushup muscles and abs are telling me about it now. Then we started our Tech Inspection – concert band and marching band this morning, and then all the various small ensembles throughout the rest of the day. However, I didn’t go back to work after lunch. Robbie’s daycare called and he had been crying all morning – not his usually sleepy or hungry cry, but one that said something was hurting. He wouldn’t let anyone hold him. So I picked him up on my way home for lunch and took him home. My squad leader and platoon sergeant gave me permission to stay home with him for the afternoon. I called and tried to make and appt. for him, but there were none available. That may have been a good thing. We snuggled on the living room floor for a little while, and then I laid down and put him tummy to tummy with me and he eventually fell asleep. He didn’t even stir when I got up (not an easy task – laying flat on my back on the floor with a 26+ pound baby on my chest) and put him in his crib. He slept for almost 3 1/2 hours and seemed much better when he woke up. Once Ryan got home from work, we walked down to get the mail – even Robbie walks now. We each hold a hand and off we go!! Then Robbie had some dinner and we played for a little while and then he went off to bed. Ryan and I watched some TV and I stitched.

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