Thankful Thursday

It's been a week since I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my tibia just below my right knee. Yes, it sucks that I'm injured and I can't run or jump or march for at least 30 days, but I have a lot to be thankful for despite being injured.

I'm thankful that it's just a minor injury! We caught it right at the beginning and it's so minor that it didn't show up on the x-ray, only the MRI. There is also no ligament or tendon damage!

I'm thankful for cross training! I can swim, bike, aqua jog, and use the elliptical to my heart's content. So far, I've only been on the elliptical, but I have plans for a 45-60 minute bike ride tomorrow and I'll definitely be getting in the pool next week.

I'm thankful for my (mostly) positive attitude! I plan on using this to my advantage and coming back even stronger than before.

SETBACKCOMEBACK <——– That's going to be me!!
(photo from The Active Mum blog)

Thankful Thursday

It's been a while since I've done a Thankful Thursday post. It's not that I'm not thankful for things, it's just that I'm too tired to blog most evenings.

Today I'm thankful that my kids love being active! Robert is playing baseball this spring and he had another practice this evening. He's doing great! Ryan is helping coach the team. While they were on the baseball field, I went for a run with Thomas in the jogging stroller. He laughed and giggled and clapped his hands and said "Yay!" while I was running. Then when we were done, he was signing for "more"! I guess he likes running with mommy!

Thankful Thursday

Oops! I see I've missed a few days this week. No excuse for missing Wordless Wednesday – it's too easy to post a blog post with just a pic from my phone. Anyways, on to today. . .

Today I'm thankful for the internet being out at work. It's been out since yesterday morning and I haven't been able to do a lick of office work – everything I do in my Admin office is either email, online, or in the shared folder which is on the network. And even if there were something on my desktop I could do, I can't print since all our printers are on the network. So why am I thankful for the internet being out?? Because I actually went to a practice room and practiced my trombone for 45 minutes this morning!! I REALLY need to do that more often.