An emotional rollercoaster day

Today was the day that many Staff Sergeants in the Army anxiously wait for – the day the new Sergeant First Class list comes out. It was my 6th look at SFC and I was really hoping that this year it would finally be my turn, but it was not meant to be. Passed over yet again. I’m not quite sure what the board was looking for, but I wish I could figure it out. I was upset and many tears were shed throughout the morning. However, life will go on, and I will continue to be the best NCO I can be for my Soldiers and the best trombone player I can be. That’s all I can do.

To counter the low I had this morning, our Trombone Quartet had an awesome and super fun gig this afternoon playing at a local assisted living facility. The residents were very receptive and we got to chat with them for a while after we finished playing. People of that era have some amazing stories to tell!

And then after work I went for my first real trail run on some of the mountain bike trails on post. It was a lot of fun dodging all the tree branches and Ross and stuff! I will need to get some trail shoes, though, if I do much more of it.

To end the day, Robert had his first baseball game this season and although the Red Bulls didn’t win, they played well. Robert played first base for two innings and even got an out on a throw from the pitcher! He struck out both times he batted, but he’ll get it next time!