14 Things I Love

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’d like to share 14 things that I love with you!!


I love my husband, my sweetie, my main cheerleader for all things in life. This is Ryan. He does so much for me and our family. I really appreciate him and love him with all my heart!!


This is my Big Kid, Robert. He’s the one who first gave me the title of Mommy. He’s a big help around the house and with Thomas, but he’s still your typical 9 year old boy. He loves sports (and plays basketball, baseball, and soccer), playing video games, Cub Scouts, and his little brother. He also loves ice cream, just like his Mommy!


This is my Little Man, Thomas. He’s a super smart, very talkative 2 year old. He loves Mickey Mouse, eating (especially blueberries), doing (or trying to do) anything his big brother does, giving fist bumps, and helping feed the kitty.


I love seeing my boys play together. Despite the 7 year age difference, they get along really well and they have a lot of fun together. Oftentimes, you’ll find the two of them closed up in Thomas’ room playing and reading together, and you can tell they’re having fun by the peals of laughter that come through the door!


The newest member of our family, Cricket. She is a beautiful feisty little kitten and although she’s a pain in the butt sometimes between her claws and teeth and trying to steal my food or sleep on my head, I love her very much. She loves to tear through the house after who-knows-what, play with her little mousie, snuggle at my feet when I’m sleeping (if she’s not trying to share my pillow), and eventually, after she tires herself out, take  a nap curled up on my lap. I love the way her little nubbie-where-a-tail-should-be wiggles back and forth when she’s happy.


My fellow Army Musicians. This is my family when I’m away from home. Many of these Soldiers are (or have been) MY Soldiers. Not only have a I trained and worked with them, but I have celebrated with them, mourned with them, laughed with them, cried with them, and spent time with their families.


Music. Of course I love playing music, but I also love hearing good musicians and ensembles, such as the Dallas Brass. They gave a performance/clinic for us today (a separate blog post coming soon on that!!) and it was an awesome experience. I enjoyed their music and learned a lot from them.


I love my extended Band Family (the Families of all the Soldiers). We have an awesome Family Readiness Group (FRG) comprised of the spouses of the Soldiers, and they look after everyone. As a female Soldier, I enjoy a special connection with the spouses of my fellow Soldiers – not only am I a Soldier, but I am a wife and it’s nice have other women to chat with when you work with almost all guys. The FRG Leader brought me these beautiful flowers and chocolate today since my main Valentine (Ryan) has been out of town for a week and doesn’t know exactly when he’ll be home. I thought that was awfully sweet of her (and the FRG) to think about me on Valentine’s Day! There’s even two M&Ms tins for the boys!

Chili 5K 25Jan14 Crop

You all know that I love running! It’s my me time and helps me stay sane in my busy life. I can be having the worst day, but if I go for a run, it almost always makes everything better. And there’s no better way to start a day than with an early morning run and seeing the sun come up over the horizon! I love the solo aspect of running, and rarely run with others – until race day! I love the atmosphere of races and love talking to other runners, oftentimes complete strangers. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I cross the finish line, whether it’s a 5K or a full marathon.


I love the beauty of nature. I think this picture says it all.


I love artwork that comes home from day care, on a weekly basis. And there is a lot of it because Thomas loves drawing, and they do some kind of art project almost daily! Sometimes they are extra special – like this one!


Generation UCAN. I know I’ve talked about UCAN before and I’m sure I’ll talk about it again, but it is an amazing product! I mean, who else can say that they ran a 2 hour, 15 minute half marathon on only 400 calories that was consumed about 45 minutes BEFORE the race started and then nothing during the race except water?? I’ve done it and I felt great because of the slow release super starch that UCAN is! And it comes in great flavors, too! My favorites are Chocolate, Vanilla (and now Vanilla Creme), and Pom-Blue.


Nuun Hydration. There are so many great flavors to choose from that I never get tired of it! It helps me drink more water on a daily basis and helps with my electrolytes. My favorite flavor is Tri-Berry, but I love pretty much all of the flavors. And then, since I have a 32 oz cup and 1 tablet is for 16 oz, I mix 2 flavors together for even more variety!!


I’ve been drinking a Shakeology shake for breakfast for the past week and a half and I love it! SOOO many nutrients in it, it tastes delicious (I make a shake with a scoop of Shakeology, a cup of skim milk and a cup-ish of some kind of frozen berries), and keeps me full until lunch (and then some!). If you’d like more info, let me know, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!!

I hope you enjoyed reading about 14 things I love!!

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