Rest In Peace Sweet Kitty

Last Monday, 20 January, my sweet kitty Callie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We spent the weekend prior worried about her because she was really lethargic, and I was able to get her into our vet Monday morning. The vet ran some lab work on her and determined that she probably had pancreatic cancer that had spread and that her kidneys had all but shut down. I had already made the decision to do the humane thing, but I called Ryan for moral support. Near the end of our conversation, Callie started gasping for air and after I had hung up with Ryan and was waiting for the vet to come back in, Callie breathed her last at 9:58 a.m. I’m thankful that I was able to be with her, cuddling and petting and talking to her when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Callie was a great companion, and I had had her since the day she was born. She would have been 15 in March and I know she lived a good life. We opted to have her cremated so that she will always be with us.
I’ll leave you with some pictures of my pretty girl – these are all from the last year or so. I’ll try and find one of her “baby” pictures and I’ll share that along with a picture of her urn when we get it back.

Callie in box





You will be missed, but never forgotten! Callie – 17 March 1999 to 20 January 2014

2 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Sweet Kitty

  1. Hi Lani, it’s rusty from Joyful Noez. I just stumbled across this while I was looking for something else. I am glad you are doing so well, but sorry re your kitty loss. I understand that pain. Peace to you-

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