Meet Cricket!

I’d liked to introduce you to the newest member of our family – our new kitten, Cricket! We adopted her yesterday from the stray shelter here on Fort Rucker. She was found in the parking lot of the PX around the beginning of December. Ryan first met her just before we went on Christmas leave and fell in love with her. We decided that if she hadn’t been adopted yet when we got back from leave, we would make her a part of our family. Well, we got back from Michigan, and Cricket was still available and now she’s part of our family!

Cricket was born without a tail so she has this cute little nubbie where her tail should be. She’s having a lot of fun exploring our house and finding places to hide. She and Callie are working to establish the hierarchy (which of course Callie will (should) come out dominant). Cricket will go toward Callie, Callie hisses at Cricket and then Cricket makes a hasty retreat, only to try again a few minutes later.

I’ll leave you with a few pics of our new little girl!





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