Interesting Beginning to the end of Vacation

We got the rental car all loaded up this morning – suitcases, computer bags, kids, adults, and 4 boxes. After a quick stop at Family Dollar to get a new magna-doodle for Thomas, we stopped at the post office to mail the 4 boxes to AL. That’s the one downside of flying instead of driving, but it’s definitely worth it. We made great time to the Milwaukee Airport and even had time for a long lunch stop at a McDonald’s just south of Green Bay – the kids had a great time playing in the play area! We got our rental car turned in and all the luggage loaded up on a cart and headed to the terminal only to find out that our flight to Atlanta had been cancelled due to weather in Atlanta. Boo. But the lady at the counter was super nice and she got us booked on a flight fairly early tomorrow morning and even gave us a coupon for a discount at a local hotel. After getting everything squared away for our flight tomorrow, I called the hotel and made a reservation. They sent their shuttle driver and he was super nice as well. He told us to just get into the van out of the cold and wind and he took care of all the bags and returned the luggage cart. It was a 5 minute drive to the hotel and thankfully they have a restaurant on-site so we didn’t have to worry about how we would get dinner. And we got coupons for free drinks with dinner, so I had a glass of wine with my chef salad. It was a good dinner and we have comfy beds in our room. We had planned on spending the night in a hotel tonight anyway, but in Atlanta. The only downside is that our hotel in Atlanta was a pre-paid one and so we’re out that money plus that cost of this hotel, but it’s all good. We can’t help that there was bad weather in Atlanta. We’ll just have to drive home after flying tomorrow, but it’ll be ok.

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