2013 Running Recap

Overall, I had a really great year of running! Sure, I didn't meet my goal of 1000 miles, or even my secondary goal of 800 miles, but it was still my highest mileage year!  Here's a little run-down of everything running for the year:

Number of runs: 175
Number of miles run: 759
Average miles per week: 15.1
Average miles per month: 66
Highest week: 34
Highest month: 104
Number of Races: 8 (3 5K, 1 10K, 1 10 mile, 2 half marathons, 1 full marathon)
Number of Injuries: 1 (stress fracture in my right tibia)
Number of weeks off from said injury: 7 1/2
Number of pairs of shoes worn: 4
Amount of GenUCAN and Nuun consumed: A LOT!!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for my goals for 2014 and my focus word for the year!

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