Exciting news & Giving Back

First of all, my exciting news!! I received and email this afternoon from Nuun. If you've seen my Instagram pics or seen my tweets over the past few months, you'll know that I've fallen in love with Nuun and having so many delicious flavors in my water daily. Well, a while back, I decided on a whim to apply to be a Nuun Ambassador for 2014, but didn't really expect much to come of it. But, my expectations were happily proved wrong with that email this afternoon! Or should I say afterNUUN? 🙂 I am excited to announce that I have been selected to be a Nuun Ambassador for 2014!!! I want to thank the Nuun company for selecting me to represent their great product for the next year and prepare everyone who follows me on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook for even more pictures and posts about Nuun. I'm honored to have been selected, and I look forward to meeting my fellow Ambassadors and sharing my love of Nuun.

Nuun Ambassador Badge

And now for the giving back part of the title. Today began what is oftentimes the most fun part of the year for us Army Musicians. It's the time of year when we get to say Thanks! to those who have supported us throughout the year. It's our way of giving back to the Army community. What am I talking about? Caroling!!! We put various small groups together, compile a list of places, and head out the door, often wearing Santa hats! This afternoon the Brass Quartet (a Euphonium, French horn, trombone, & tuba) that I was a member of headed out and went to 6 different places. One building we played at several different locations, including for a 1-star General. We were well-received nearly everywhere we went, and especially at the Child Development Center when we played for the kids in Thomas' room and the room next door. We even got some holiday treats at our last stop of the day! We had a great time this afternoon and I look forward to next Christmas when I will hopefully get to go caroling again!