Toddler Tuesday

23 months. How in the world has my baby become a 23 month old toddler?? Almost 2 years! It's so much fun watching Little Man's personality come out more and more every day and his vocabulary growing by leaps and bounds (helped along by Big Brother, of course). If he likes something, he lets you know. If he doesn't like something, he definitely lets you know. I'm going to try and share 23 fun things about my Little Man to celebrate 23 months.

1 – He loves Mickey Mouse. And he knows how make "Mee Mou" appear on the TV – he'll grab the remote and bring it to Ryan or I and ask "Mee Mou peese". Or rather, demand. Once Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on TV, he will actually sit still for almost 10 minutes!

2 – He knows a whole bunch of animal sounds! Cat, dog, cow, horse, sheep, chicken, rooster, duck, monkey, lion, tiger, snake. Maybe more that I can't remember off the top of my head.

3 – He's talking more and more in 2 word sentences and sometimes even 3 word sentences! "Up peese Mommy." "Light on?" "Cup peese." "Tat oo (thank you) Bubba." "Eat Daddy."

4 – He loves balls. Big ones, small ones, cat toy ones. He can throw and kick really well for a kid his age!

5 – He loves giving our kitty cat hugs and kisses. And he's finally figured out "gentle hands" and is starting to pet Callie more. And even better, Callie is tolerating him.

6 – He loves art – drawing, painting, coloring. One of the first things he heads for at daycare in the morning when we drop him off is the magna-doodle.

7 – He loves his Big Brother. No, he LOVES his Big Brother. If Big Kid is out playing with his friends or otherwise not around, we hear a lot of "Where Bubba?"

8 – He can put away some food. His favorites right now are yogurt (I get Chobani Champions for him), berries, grapes, cheese, corn on the cob, spaghetti, meatloaf, mac & cheese, and pancakes. And fruit snacks. He asks for "snack?" and he knows where they are. In fact. . .

9 – He can open doors with doorknobs (sometimes). We had to get doorknob covers because he could consistently open the pantry door where his fruit snacks and raisins are.

10 – Doors have to be closed. All the time. Heaven forbid you leave a door open when you leave the room. He will go and close it for you.

11 – He loves books. He "reads" by himself and he loves when we read to him.

12 – He loves his mommy. A LOT. If mommy's not in the room, he gets fussy and tries to find me. (Not that I'm complaining one bit!)

13 – He doesn't like to share his daddy (except with Big Brother). We were at a friend's house the other night and they have a 14 month old. Ryan was holding her and playing with her and Thomas ran up to him "No-no-no-no-no. Mine."

14 – He loves swings and slides. If it nice out (which it hasn't been lately again – TOO much rain) and I ask if he wants to go to the playground, his reply is "Yeah! YAY" complete with clapping.

15 – He also just loves playing outside in general. He likes "sweeping" our back patio.

16 – He likes riding his bike with Big Brother and friends. He can't quite pedal his tricycle yet, but he loves being out there and Ryan or I will push him. He wears his helmet just like the bigger kids do.

17 – He loves riding in the trailer behind my bike. He talks and laughs and giggles the whole time. And when we go over bumps, it's "bump, bump, bump!"

18 – He likes "running" with mommy, although the other day when I had him in the stroller he'd ask "Where Bubba?" about every 2 minutes.

19 – He loves to help with the recycling. He knows the difference between recycle and trash at home and will happily bring stuff to the recycle bin (or the trash can) when we ask him to. He also helps bring our recycling to the curb every Monday. And at church – he helps collect the bulletins from people that don't want to keep them and he puts them in the recycling basket. Everyone at church thinks it's really neat!

20 – He loves bringing us our shoes when we're getting ready to go bye-bye. And he knows the difference between boots and shoes and sandals.

21 – He doesn't like sleeping with anything – no pillow, no blanket, no stuffed animals. All his stuffed animals, his blanket, and his puppy pillow reside at one end of his crib and he sleeps at the other end. If you try and cover him with a blanket, he will kick/push it off before going to sleep.

22 – He loves exploring everything, but he's also pretty good about stopping exploring if one of us says "No touch."

23 – He knows "hot!" Every time I open the oven door, he reminds me "hot." And also food. Even yogurt, cheese, and berries are "hot" and need to be blown on.

Wow! That was harder than I thought it would be, but I hope you enjoy the snapshot of Little Man's life! Stay tuned tomorrow for some pictures of my Little Man.

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