Marathon Monday

It's time for another recap of my marathon training!! It wasn't the best of weeks, so this will be pretty short. It's all good though! One bad week doesn't make for a bad marathon.

Monday got the week off to a good start with a nice little 5K in the morning. Or not so nice. It was supposed to be 7, but everything just felt off so I cut my run short to save it for another day. 3.11 miles in 30:26, 9:47 pace.

Tuesday was our weekly speed session at a local high school track! I'm really enjoying the speed days with the Ten Mile Team. After a 1 mile warm up (9:32), we did 5x1K repeats and then walked from the finish to the start for recovery. I now know what a sub-25 5K feels like (kind of). My time for the 5K was 24:56, an 8:03 pace!! My goal is to someday run a sub-25 5K race. Then it was a mile cool down, again 9:32 for me!

Wednesday had another 7 on the schedule, but I don't remember what happened. Sleep probably.

Thursday was a 65 minute run with the goal of getting a negative split. I made that happen, and had a nice little progression run as well (each mile is faster than the previous). I ran 6.65 hilly miles in the 65 minutes, 9:47 pace!! I'll take that.

Friday was a planned rest day which worked well since I had early formation for a ceremony.

Saturday was our team long run day, but the weather didn't cooperate. It was POURING at 6 a.m. when we were supposed to start. I'll run in the rain, but this was ridiculous and our team coach decided we weren't going to run. Not to mention that there was lightning about 20 miles away and getting closer.

Sunday morning was going to be my long run make-up day, but I ended up sleeping through my alarm and was awakened by my "Thomas alarm" at 8:00! The extra sleep sure was nice, but running would have been nice as well. I had 14 on the schedule and that just didn't happen. Oh well.

Total miles for the week – 14.9

Overall I'm happy with the runs that I did get in, especially with the speed session on Tuesday. On to next week!!

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