Marathon Monday

I had another really good week of training last week! Training with the Ten Mile Team really helps keep me consistent, and the encouragement I get from the team members is awesome.

I started off the week with a rest day on Monday. When I went to bed Sunday night I was undecided as to whether I would run, go for a bike ride, or put in a yoga DVD. The answer? None of the above. I forgot to set my alarm to workout time, so I got some extra (and probably much needed) sleep!

Tuesday morning was speed work at the track! I've really come to look forward to speed days, and Tuesday was an awesome workout. After a mile warm up, we did 4×800 with 90-120 seconds rest in between followed by 4×400 with 200 meters recovery followed by 2×1 mile with a few minutes rest in between!! My average pace for my 2 miles was 8:47, even after the other stuff!! I'm definitely getting to be a stronger runner. After a .8 mile cool down, my total mileage for the morning was right around 7.3 miles. Not a bad way to start the week!

Wednesday morning was another rest morning. I think I had planned on getting up and getting 5-6 miles in, but I think I must have needed sleep.

Thursday morning was fartleks on one of the dirt roads we run on. We did a 10 minute warmup followed by 5 sets of 5 minutes at 10 mile race pace and 5 minutes recovery and a 10 minute cool down. I had to walk a little during the recovery times, but I still had a great workout! I covered 6.9 miles in an hour and ten minutes.

Friday morning we had a Change of Command ceremony to march, so it was an early formation/no workout kind of morning. It was close to 80 by the time the ceremony started and I think I got my workout in from marching and standing on the field in the heat.

Saturday morning was an awesome long run! It was the complete opposite of last week's. I ran just over 12 miles in 2:07:35 – 2+ miles farther and about 20 seconds per mile FASTER than my 10 last weekend! It's amazing what a couple degrees cooler temperature and proper fueling and hydration can do for a run. After we were done with our long runs (everyone went different distances and routes), we waded around in the lake for a while after just chatting and enjoying the social aspect of running. Although the lake water is pretty warm, it still felt really good on my legs after the run.

I had planned on doing a 3-4 mile recovery run Sunday morning before church, but after the awesome run Saturday morning and a church pool party Saturday afternoon, I was tired. I got a wonderful 10 hours of sleep overnight Saturday! It was kind of nice sleeping in and just using my "Thomas alarm".

My total miles for the week was 26.5 – that makes 2 weeks in a row with mileage over a marathon! Now to keep up on that consistency.