Five Things Friday

Here are five little tidbits to end my week. . .

1 – We are 4 days into the school year (yes, Robert has started 4th grade already – they start early here on Post) and Robert has missed 2 days of school. At lunchtime on day 2 (Wednesday) we got a call from the school nurse that Robert had a 101 degree temperature. Ryan went and picked him up and he spent the rest of that day and most of Thursday cuddled on the couch. We took him to his doctor on Thursday; doc said it is most likely a virus, so not much he can do. Strep test came back negative, but alternating tylenol and motrin every 3 hours helped to finally get rid of the fever and help him feel better. Today he's pretty much back to his normal self.

2 – The Band's change of command season is over for this year. We did change of command #7 this morning – this was a busy year for us here. I know that most other places the band does 6-7 a WEEK for several weeks, but there's not that many permanent party units here. It sure was humid on the field this morning – I had to keep wiping my left hand on my uniform because it was so sweaty my horn was slipping and I didn't want to drop it. But we survived!

3 – We took some time this afternoon to pull probably 75% of the stuff out of the garage, go through some boxes, throw some stuff out, put some stuff in the thrift store box, and reorganize everything. We actually have room to move around in there now and it looks a whole lot better. We still have a few boxes to go through, but it's a ton better than it was.

4 – We really love our neighborhood center pool! We picked Thomas up a little early this afternoon and had a great time playing in the water until they had to close the pool due to thunder. Thomas loves going underwater (he jumps in off the edge or we dunk him under). He always comes up giggling! Robert is becoming quite the fish and has a lot of fun playing with his friends. We don't even worry about him anymore – he just goes off and does his own thing. But then he'll come back and play with Thomas for a while, too.

5 – Thomas love Mickey Mouse. And he knows how to go about watching Mickey Mouse on TV. He'll bring the TV remote to Daddy and say "Mee Mou! Mee Mou!" We've set our Tivo to record Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so we always have "Mee Mou" that he can watch. I'm thinking that when we start working on his big boy room in a few months, it's going to have a Mickey Mouse theme.

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