Training Tuesday

Here's my training recap for this past week!!

Tuesday – After a 2.4 mile warm up, our Ten Miler Team workout was 4×1 mile repeats at the park that we run at. I ran my 4 miles in 8:21, 8:38, 8:52, and 8:53 – I really struggled with those last 2 miles, but it was hot and humid and I was dehydrated from the weekend (not enough water). Then we did a 2 mile cool down, but I only ran 1 mile as I was DONE. I didn't want to risk falling out on the second lap around the park.

Wednesday – I don't think I had an early morning at work, so I must have just slept in. I didn't do anything after work either.

Thursday – Our team workout today was an 80 minute run, broken down into a 15 minute warm up (1.48 miles at 10:07 pace), and then 10 minutes at 10 mile race pace and 10 minutes of recovery repeated 2 times (3 times of race pace and 2 recovery) and then a 10-15 minute cool down (had to get back to the start point). Here's what I ended up running: 10 minutes race pace – 1.07 miles at 9:20 pace, 10 minutes recovery – .94 miles at 10:40 pace (this included about a 30 second pit stop during which I didn't stop my watch), 10 minutes race pace – 1.06 miles at 9:26 pace, 10 minutes recovery – .95 miles at 10:31 pace, 10 minutes race pace – 1.1 miles at 9:07 pace (say what???!!!), Cool down – 1.17 miles in 11:49 (10:06 pace). It was a really good workout other than the horsefly that kept attacking me. I ended up with 7.77 miles overall!!

Friday – I slept through my alarm in the morning, but I wanted to get a few miles in today knowing that I had a luncheon at a Mexican place with a buffet and a baseball game (watching, not playing, so thus eating ballpark food) this evening. It was a nice run despite about melting. It was 88 but felt like 91 – at least the humidity was down. No mile splits because I realized halfway in that I didn't have auto-lap turned on. I ran 3.1 miles in 29:08. Definitely not my fastest 5K, but given the heat, I'm happy with it. (We had a great time at the Montgomery Biscuits baseball game that evening!!)

Saturday – Long run day! Or not. We stayed overnight in Montgomery after the game so we didn't have to drive back so late. I missed out on running my long run with the team, however. . .

Sunday – I got up early and got an 8 mile run done before church. I finished in 1:20:38. It was a very peaceful run. I only saw 4 cars (one of which was an MP out on patrol) and 2 other runners while I was out. It was 72 degrees and 100% humidity. Not a bad run, considering I didn't take water with me. My splits: 10:06, 10:25, 9:55, 10:23, 9:56, 10:19, 10:07, 9:19. Yay for a negative split long run!

Monday – Planned rest day, per our coach for the Ten Mile team. It turned out to be a good thing as I got called into work early to handle an emergency leave situation (a Soldier had a death in the family).

It was a really good training week, and I actually ran more than a marathon (26.2 miles) this week!!

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