Training Tuesday

Hopefully last week was my last week of not much training going on and I can get back to being more consistent again.

The only day I got a workout in was on Tuesday. Ryan and Robert were still at Cub Scout camp, so I had 2 choices – miss team practice Tuesday morning or take Thomas and run with the jogging stroller. Guess which one I chose! Yup, I ran with Thomas. We did our mile repeats again, but bumped it up to 4 from 3. I originally planned on just getting some miles in with the stroller, but I actually ended up doing the mile repeats! We did a 2 mile warm up and then 4 mile repeats with 3-4 minutes of recovery in between and then a 2 mile cool down (that I did a mile and a half of). My 2 warm up miles were at 9:41 pace and then my 4 mile repeats were 9:18, 9:37, 9:22, 9:34!! Awesome pace for running with the stroller! My cool down averaged about a 10:00 pace. It was a great workout, and I'm glad I decided to get Thomas up early and go run with him with the team.

Wednesday morning I slept in after being up late Tuesday evening picking Ryan and Robert up from camp after my softball game and Thursday morning I slept through my alarm and missed team practice. Friday morning I had early formation to march a Change of Command ceremony. Saturday was the Army Strong Triathlon and Sunday was much-needed sleep after Saturday.

It wasn't a very good week as far as training goes, but it was also a really good week.

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