Training Tuesday

Here's my training recap for this past week!!

Tuesday – After a 2.3 mile warm up, our Ten Miler Team workout was 3×1 mile repeats at a local park. I ran my 3 miles in 8:33, 8:31, and 8:31 – awesome workout despite the hilly course. Then we did a 2 mile cool down, but I only had time for a mile as I needed to get home, changed, boys to school/daycare and to work for 8:00 formation for marching band practice.

Wednesday – I had an early formation to march/play at a change of command ceremony so I went to the pool after work. I had no plan other than to swim and enjoy being in the outdoor 50 meter pool! So I swam 1500 meters straight (no stopping!) in 36 minutes. It was a really nice swim and felt good to go so long!

Thursday – The Ten Miler team met at the local high school and did 2 laps around the campus for a warm up – 2.14 miles. Then our workout was a ladder of 400, 800, 1200, 1200, 800, 400. My times (actual time followed by the pace): 400 – 1:48/7:30, 800 – 4:05/8:17, 1200 – 6:28/8:43, 1200 – 6:34/8:54, 800 – 4:08/8:24, 400 – 1:57/7:52. It was nice running on grass (we used the high school's practice field), but I need to work on my pace consistency a little. Cool down was 2 more laps around the school campus perimeter, but I only did 1 lap for just over a mile.

Friday – SUPER early morning to drop Robert off at the School Age Center a little after 0530 and have Thomas to the surgery center by 0615. Thomas got tubes in his ears and his adenoids taken out, we were home by 9:30, but I didn't get any workouts done since Ryan went to the craft center to work on a couple of projects he's working on.

Saturday – Long run day! We met at West Beach here on post and ran toward one of the gates that's closed on the weekends so there was no traffic for part of the run. Our goal was 80-90 minutes, which for most of the team was around 10 miles. I opted to turn around at 45 minutes and head back. It was getting hot out and I didn't want to risk falling out. I completed 8.79 miles in 1:29:11. It was a nice HILLY run, but the heat really started getting to me toward the end and I ran out of water about a mile or so from the end. After everyone had finished, we stood around and chatted for a while and that was really nice! I love the team dynamic and camaraderie we have this year!

Sunday – I had planned on going for a 10+ mile bike ride before church and riding a good part of the bike course for my upcoming triathlon, but Thomas was waking and fussing throughout the night. I can't complain – poor little guy just had surgery and probably had a little discomfort. So I slept in an extra couple hours and that was nice. I was going to go in the afternoon, but by the time we got home from all our errands after church, Thomas didn't take a nap because he'd napped in the car and it was 90 degrees out so we went to the neighborhood pool instead!

Monday – Again, I had planned on going for the ride, and again Thomas was up several times through the night so I slept a little longer. Oh well – rest is good, too!!

Overall, I'd say it was a really good training week and I'm really happy with all the workouts that I did get in!

One thought on “Training Tuesday

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