Four Things Friday

Just a few tidbits of info to end the week!

1 – Thomas got his tubes put in his ears and his adenoids taken out this morning. We were at the surgery center by 0615, got called back to a room around 7-ish, they took him back around 8 for anesthesia and the procedures and we were HOME by 0930! He did really well with the anesthesia and the procedures and the surgeon said he did good with everything. Once we got home, we had some snuggles and mama's milk and he took an almost 3 hour nap. After he woke up, you'd never guess that he'd had surgery just hours before. He chowed down his lunch, had a snack a few hours later, played all afternoon, and ate a good dinner! Hopefully his recovery continues at this pace.

2 – Today was Robert's last day of school. It's hard to believe that I'm now the mother of a 4th grader!! He did extremely well at school this past year and we are super proud of him. We got the results of the standardized tests they took earlier in the year, and he was above average in all subject areas and in the mid to upper 80s percentile NATIONWIDE in all areas!! We took him out to dinner this evening to celebrate the end of the school year.

3 – Ryan has been working in the wood shop at the craft center this week. He has a project going that I can't wait to share with you when he finishes it!! He's making a medal display for all my race medals!

4 – I've covered everyone else in the family. Something about me. . . Hmm. . . I've been staying busy between training with the post Army Ten Mile team, playing in 2 groups (filling in in the brass quintet) and being in charge of a 3rd group (their regular MPT leader has been at school). I'm also still doing all my tasks in my admin office and now that I've got good systems in place for all I do, I rarely miss a suspense! Every one in a while something sneaks up on me, but I'm only human after all. I really love admin!

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