Training Tuesday

Have you missed my training updates? Well, since I'm not in marathon training yet, I decided to do Training Tuesday instead of Marathon Monday. I'm training for a sprint triathlon on 15 June and I've also been training with/trying out for the post Army Ten Mile team! Here's what I've been up to with my training lately.

Saturday, May 18 – Our first Ten Mile team practice was at the track here on post. After a mile and a half warm up, we ran 6 x 800m with 2-3 minutes recovery between each repeat. My goal was to run each repeat in about 4:15, but I averaged 4:00 for each! We finished with a mile and a half cool down.

Sunday, May 19 – I enjoyed sleeping in a little extra before church which was followed by a stage band concert, shopping, and dinner.

Monday, May 20 – I finally got out on my bike and got to try out my new pedals and cycling shoes. I didn't crash or even fall over and I made it a little over 8 miles. Not bad for my first ride!

Tuesday, May 21 – Team practice. We did a mile and a half warm up and then 3 1-mile repeats with 3-5 minutes recovery between each. My goal pace was 9:00 and I ran my 3 miles in 8:47, 8:49, and 8:36 on a rolling hill course. We finished with a mile and a half cool down. The deer flies really made things interesting – trying to eat all of us runners up.

Wednesday, May 22 – I swam 1700 m (1.06 miles!) after work in the afternoon. I did a reverse ladder – 500, 400, 300, 200, 100, and then 2 50s. It was a really good workout!!

Thursday, May 23 – I had to miss team practice due to an early formation for the post Memorial Day ceremony.

Friday, May 24 – We had the day off work, so I was able to get yesterday's workout in. I ran to the gym track for a mile and a half warm up and then I did 8 x 400 repeats. The workout was actually 12 x 400, but they were mowing the fields AND it was windy. I could have dealt with either by itself, but the wind was kicking up all the dirt from the lawn mowers and I was tired of being hit by and breathing the debris so I called it quits after 8. I averaged about 1:53 for each of the repeats – nothing like running 2 miles in 15 minutes!! Of course, since I had run to the track as a warm up, I ran home for my cool down.

Saturday, May 25 – Team long run day. We met at Westgate Park in Dothan to run the 3.3 mile loop there. The plan was 3 times for just shy of 10 miles, but I was done after 2 loops (6.43 miles in 1:03:54). I had a couple of early miles that were too fast and that and not having water during the run did me in. It was really nice running with my teammates, though, during the first loop!! The team dynamic is a lot more relaxed than last year and I actually feel welcome this year! While I was running, Ryan and the boys went and had a boys' breakfast out – they came with and dropped me off! After they ate, they found a playground at the park and played until I was done running.

Sunday, May 26 – Much welcomed rest day! I actually got 9 1/2 hours of sleep overnight and woke up early enough that I was able to enjoy some quiet before the rest of the family was up and getting ready for church.

Monday, May 27 – I did my first "brick" for my triathlon training in the morning before I had to go to formation to play at a Memorial Day ceremony. I rode 10 miles on my bike and then went for a 1.5 mile run immediately after.

Now that you're all caught up on my training, I'll do my updates weekly which will cover from Tuesday through Monday (although my workout week goes from Monday to Sunday).

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