Five Things Friday

Yikes!! It's been over 2 weeks since my last blog post and forever since my last Five Things Friday post. Not good. Oh well, I'm here now!!

1 – The end of the school year is nearing and the 3rd grade had their awards ceremony yesterday. Robert received an award for Most Improved in Math in his class (he improved his score on whatever testing system they use by over 200 points during the course of the school year!!) and also a National Physical Fitness Award! We are super proud of him!!

2 – Robert's baseball season ended this past Tuesday and he hit a home-run in that last game!! I wish I had been there to see it, but I was at my own softball game. He really improved a lot during his first season of baseball, and although he's looking forward to soccer in the fall, he's also looking forward to playing baseball again next spring.

3 – I have been super busy at work as I have been involved in one way or another with 3 of the Music Performance Teams (MPTs). I'm still the only trombone player in MPT B (the small ceremonial band) and I'm filling in in MPT E (the brass quintet) while their trombone player is away at school for a month. In addition to those two MPTs, I was asked by our First Sergeant to be the Acting MPT Leader for MPT C (the brass band) while their MPT Leader was away at school. I have not been playing with them, but I'm there for accountability purposes and to take care of any issues that come up or whatever. Many of the members of the MPT have thanked me for stepping in. Oh, and besides all three of those MPTs, I'm still keeping busy in my admin office processing awards and evaluation reports and doing other admin tasks and supervising my 2 Soldiers that work for me. I really love my job!

4 – Ryan's been keeping busy as well. He was the assistant coach for Robert's baseball team and he pitches for our band softball team. He's also been doing some volunteer work for the band, making a shadowbox for a Soldier that is retiring. He took the required class at the frame shop on post, and now he can do framing and stuff there saving the band money because we don't have to pay the craft/frame shop people to do the work! He did an awesome job on the shadowbox for the Soldier, and he's also done a few small framing projects for us.

5 – The neighborhood center pool opened today for the summer and we took the boys swimming. Thomas had a great time in the water blowing bubbles and practicing kicking!! Hopefully he's going to be a fish like his mama has always been and like his brother has become. We're going to practice kicking and blowing bubbles every time we go to the pool, and maybe by the end of the summer he'll be swimming a little!

Bonus tidbit – I've started training with the Post's Army Ten Miler team again this year. Stay tuned for Monday's blog post for more on that!!

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