Tuesday Trivia

Did you know. . . . ??

— I only sort of forgot about my Marathon Monday post? I remembered – as I was almost asleep. I'll post it tomorrow, so stay tuned!

— Thomas has moved into a new room at the Child Development Center? He's no longer in his old Infant/Pre-Toddler room, but in a full out Toddler room! He's done 2 days so far and seems to love it. Their outside playground is huge compared to the old one and lots of neat new things for him to play with. His teachers are nice as well.

— Spring sports season is underway. We are juggling softball and baseball between 3 of us. The Band has a softball team (The Arpeggios) and Ryan and I are playing. Robert is playing baseball and Ryan is the team's assistant coach. We had our first preseason softball game last night and lost 22-1 and then played again tonight. After leading for the whole game, the other team scored 3 runs in the final inning to come back and win 13-12. It was a really good game and I scored a run and made an out (guy popped it up and I caught it!). Robert had his first game tonight and each kid gets to bat in the 1st inning; they each get 6 pitches (from the pitching machine). Robert had a nice hit and got an RBI even though he got out. I think his team won, but I don't know that they were really keeping score. The game was over an hour long and was only 1 inning. Thomas just kind of tags along and we hope he doesn't get too fussy while hanging out with the band spouses/families while Ryan and I are on the field playing. He didn't do too bad tonight.

— I am completely crazy. I registered for the Dopey Challenge for the Disney World Marathon weekend next January. The Dopey Challenge consists of running a 5K on Thursday (Robert will be running that with me!), a 10K on Friday, a half marathon on Saturday, and a full marathon on Sunday. For completing all 4 of the races, I will earn SIX medals and bragging rights. It'll be a challenge for sure, and I plan on taking all the races slow and taking lots of pictures as I run through the Disney parks!

— I should have been in bed an hour ago, but we were just getting home from the double header of ball games we had tonight. So now I'm going to bed. Good night!

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