Marathon Monday

Despite missing one run and having 2 others that were short it was still a pretty good week to end my highest mileage month ever! I was so close to that elusive 100 miles, but there's always next month!

Monday – On the schedule (OTS): 7 miles
                What I did (WID): Sleep. And it was planned after running my long run the day before.

Tuesday – OTS: Rest or XT (cross train)          
                 WID: 4 windy and chilly miles in the afternoon. I slept too long in the morning so I ran after work. I only had time for 4 miles before we had to head to baseball practice. Oh, and did I mention I ran these at a 9:13 pace despite the 13 mph winds with gusts over 35 mph!!

Wednesday – OTS: 7 miles      
                      WID: Sleep in the morning. I don't know what I did after work that I didn't run. Oh well.

Thursday – OTS: 7 miles
                  WID: 4.2 miles in the afternoon with Thomas in the jogging stroller. We ran while Robert was at baseball practice. It was nice taking Thomas out in the jogger again – first time since November. He laughed and giggled the whole time and when I was done, he was signing for more!

Friday – OTS: Rest or XT
              WID: Rest. Another graduation ceremony with 0715 formation, so no time for even a short workout DVD. Well, I guess I could have gotten up at like 4:30 and did 30 Day Shred. But I didn't. Rest is always nice.

Saturday – OTS: 12 miles
                  WID: Slept through my alarm clock – didn't wake up until almost 9!! The sleep sure was nice, although I really wish I had gotten my long run in.

Sunday – OTS: Rest or XT
               WID: 12.1 miles. Ugly miles. I ran in the afternoon after church and it was nearly 80 out. I wasn't properly hydrated or fueled, and my trial fuel for the run didn't work for me at all. 40 ounces of water during the run wasn't enough water. The super hilly route I chose probably didn't help either. But I got the miles in and learned the importance of not sleeping through my alarm clock now that it's getting warmer out.

Total miles for the week – Scheduled: 33, Actual: 20.3.
Total miles run for this marathon training cycle so far – 217.7

4 weeks to go until the Country Music Marathon. I'm nervous about my 20 miler this coming Saturday, but at least now I've figured out what type of fuel works for me during my runs. I've ordered a 24 variety pack of Jelly Belly's Sport Beans and hopefully they arrive on time. At least I know where I can buy some locally if I need to.

One thought on “Marathon Monday

  1. The jelly belly sports beans were a GODSEND when I was training for MCM. It took years, but I FINALLY found nutrition I can take during a race that doesn’t turn my tummy! Good luck this weekend!! 20 milers are always such an accomplishment. šŸ™‚

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