Marathon Monday

Oops! I forgot to do this yesterday, so you're getting Marathon Monday on Tuesday. Better late than never, I guess!

Here's my recap of this past week's (much better) training. . .

Monday – On the schedule (OTS): 6 miles
                What I did (WID): 4.3 miles – I slept in in the morning knowing that the afternoon PT was going to be a 40 minute run (and the fact that it was pouring rain with thunder and lightning). The goal for PT was as many laps as possible in 40 minutes. I *almost* got a full 17 laps in – I finished in 40:14.

Tuesday – OTS: Rest or XT (cross train)             
                 WID: I did a CrossFit workout of 5 strict shoulder press (45/50/55/65/60 pounds), 75 wall ball shots at 10 pounds (4:43), and assisted dips 5 reps (95/30/65 pounds). It was a great workout and the wall ball shots kicked my butt, but I got them done!!

Wednesday – OTS: 6 miles         
                      WID: 5.5 miles – We had a Battalion run this morning and it was a long one. I actually enjoyed it, except for the last mile. The first 4 miles were at a nice even 9 minute pace, mile 5 was at 9:30, and the last .5 was at 9:44. I could easily have finished at a 9 minute pace. Why did we slow down? I think the main part of the formation didn't slow down, but the company that was in front of the Band slowed down and a big gap opened up to the rest of the Battalion. It was frustrating, but when you're in formation, there's not much you can do about it. It was still a good run!

Thursday – OTS: 6 miles
                  WID: Nothing. We had NCO Professional Development in the morning, and since it started at 7, there was no time to run beforehand. And then life got in the way and my run didn't happen after work.

Friday – OTS: Rest or XT
             WID: CrossFit workout – 3 rounds of 5 dead lifts at 95 pounds and 10 burpees. (Took less than 4 minutes for the actual workout!!) But before that, we worked on learning the clean and did a whole bunch of practice dead lifts – first with an empty bar and then 75 pounds. I had no clue how much I was lifting until after and I was really surprised how much it was! Not bad for my first-time ever doing dead lifts!!

Saturday – OTS: 15 miles
                WID: 16.8 miles! When I headed out, I knew I had 15 on my schedule and I also knew that I needed 16.4 to hit 26.2 (a marathon) for the week. I didn't really plan out where I was going and I kind of just went and it ended up being 16.8! It was a great run and I'll take it. My fueling plan for this run was an English muffin with natural peanut butter (300 cal total) before I started and then 2 packs of Sport Beans during my run (half a pack (50-ish calories) every 40 minutes) along with water (32 oz. during the run). It worked out pretty well and I never really bonked from a lack of calories. However, next week I'll be trying something different just because I have other stuff to try and I want to see if something works even better than the jelly beans.

Sunday – OTS: Rest or XT
               WID: Rest – planned, and the extra sleep definitely was nice after yesterday's run!

Total miles for the week – Scheduled: 33, Actual: 26.6 – yay for finally getting over a marathon in a week!!
Total miles run for this marathon training cycle so far – 144.5

This was a really good week and I'm happy with it despite missing my Thursday run. I don't know if I'm feeling stronger from CrossFit yet, but it's a lot of fun and I'm enjoying learning new stuff! Once my marathon is done, I'll probably be adding in a little more CrossFit (3-4 days a week instead of 2) during triathlon training (Triathlon in June) and before my next marathon training cycle begins the end of July. Yes, I said next marathon training cycle. I registered for the Marine Corps Marathon, and I'll be running in Washington, DC, the end of October!

One thought on “Marathon Monday

  1. Awesome training this week, Lani! I’m not sure how you all run like that in formation though – I think I’d be nuts with people around me running the same pace as me. Great job.

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